Circle of Excellence Award Criteria

When selecting an inductee for the CREW Network Circle of Excellence award, the CREW Network board considers the following elements:

Excellence and integrity


The inductee sets and achieves the highest standards of performance, and is known for superior execution and results. The inductee is trusted and respected by employees, partners and competitors.

Innovation and expertise


The inductee knows the business inside-out, and understands how personal actions connect with others and contribute to the larger contribution that our industry makes to the build environment. The inductee may have been responsible for new programs or designs, for advancing leading edge ideas or technology, or for getting that deal across the line when everyone thought it was dead.

Thought leader and change agent


The inductee is known to be a ‘big thinker’ and has an insatiable curiosity about the world and our industry. Knowledge and experience are used to ‘connect the dots’ and get to the heart of the matter. The inductee reaches beyond current responsibilities to create something bigger and better to make it happen.

Champion of diversity


The inductee has demonstrated a commitment to bringing diversity to our industry and developing talent, through support and involvement in CREW Network and other organizations. The inductee creates opportunities for others, leads the way and helps them succeed.

A complete package


The inductee is committed to these values in all aspects of life. The inductee is tenacious, and appears to be surrounded by a sense of accomplishment. Heart and compassion are as important as intellect and fiscal accomplishments.

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