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CREW Network wants to help your chapter succeed by providing high-level, professional services to support your leaders and members, enabling your focus to be on strategy instead of logistics. CREW Network offers a variety of services with a unique perspective that only we can offer. The following categories outline the most common functions performed by CREW Network’s Chapter Service team.


Chris Blair
CREW Network Chapter Administration Manager
+1 (785) 856-8265


Accounting Services

$300 one-time setup fee
Ranges from $260 - $525 / month
  • Maintain a separate checking account for chapter funds.
  • Timely deposit all checks received.
  • Provide chapter with up to three (3) credit cards for authorized individuals to use for chapter expenses.
  • Provide monthly financial statements and bank account reconciliation reports.
  • Process payments from chapter account upon request by chapter’s designated representatives.
  • Provide accounting detail and specific account reconciliations as requested.
  • Provide reports to assist with annual budgeting.
  • Maintain electronic copies of all financial statements, reconciliations, and official chapter documents.
  • Provide annual financial reports to the chapter treasurer (and their tax accountant at the chapter’s request) in order to file the annual tax returns.
  • Timely file all required annual Form 1099s to vendors.

Website Development Services 

The integrated chapter websites are professionally designed to be consistent with the CREW Network brand and utilize integration enabling live display of chapter board of directors' contact information, CREW Network news and event attendees lists*. Content updates can be performed by CREW Network staff.

*Must use Event Management services

Website fee for integrated chapter websites

*$125 / month 

Includes website hosting, single domain registration and renewal, daily site backup and continuous system monitoring, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, website template design and development, content migration, future website platform upgrades and service.

Chapters interested in developing an integrated website should contact the CREW Network office. Cost is the $125/mo. website fee, with an initial 3-year commitment. Development of new websites is on hold until mid-2023.

Website content management

*$59 / hour (rates go into effect Jan. 1, 2023)

Includes the creation of additional content pages beyond the standard pages in the initial website build.

Special projects

*$89 / hour (rates go into effect Jan. 1, 2023)

Pre-authorization by chapter president required

App Integration/Services 

Chapters can integrate with CREW Network’s app as an annual contracted service. App integration can include your chapter’s events, news, announcements, blogs, the ability to send push notifications, etc.

Initial year: $4,000 (includes $1,000 one-time integration fee + $3,000 annual licensing fee)

After first year: $3,000 annual licensing fee

CREW Network Chapter Services staff will manage your app content, billable at the hourly administrative rate noted below.

Administrative Services

$59 / hour (rates go into effect Jan. 1, 2023)

Administrative Services are billable by the hour, in quarter-hour increments. Additional fees may be incurred as part of these services (see Additional service options and fees and Printing, shipping and supply fees).

Email marketing

$ .01 / email recipient, per email


  • CREW Network staff will send authorized chapter emails, from a chapter specific email address, using an email marketing system (EMS). EMS statistical reports are available to chapter leaders upon request.
  • Collaborate with chapter leaders to establish and implement an email schedule 
  • Format chapter provided email content into a branded template
  • Schedule and distribute emails to distribution lists for events, news, chapter governance, etc.
  • Add interested individuals to nonmember email list

Event Management

2.7% credit card processing fee


  • Set up online registration capability for each event
  • Update website with event information (see website development services above)
  • Assist with event promotions: produce and distribute branded emails (see email marketing above)
  • Collect event reservations (phone, mail, online, email), process payments, send receipts
  • Add nonmember registrants to chapter’s distribution list
  • Provide real-time access for chapter leaders to monitor registrant numbers/lists for marketing or catering guarantees, through Chapter Management
  • Provide registrant list to chapter coordinators prior to each event that includes contact info, meal selections and responses to other questions
  • Prepare and send onsite registration supplies: nametags, check-in list, onsite payment forms
  • Prepare materials for event: handout(s), PowerPoint presentations recognizing sponsors or new members
  • Provide post-event reports: nonmember contact information, summary attendance reports
  • Invoice unpaid attendees

Membership Applications

  • Any chapter may utilize CREW Network’s online membership application, at no charge. CREW Network staff will work with chapter contacts to create an online membership application form for your chapter.
  • Automated notifications are sent upon submission of the online application form to designated chapter leaders
  • Automated notifications are sent to applicants to acknowledge receipt of application.


2.7% credit card processing fee


  • CREW Network staff can update sponsor lists on website, handouts or email templates
  • CREW Network staff can track sponsorship commitments, send requested invoices (and receipts) and process payments. 
  • Provide real-time access for chapter leaders to monitor sponsorship pledges and payments, as well as annual comparisons, through Chapter Management
  • CREW Network staff can communicate with sponsor contacts and track sponsor benefits

Website Content

  • CREW Network staff can update news, committee pages, etc. upon request of chapter leaders (see website development above)
  • CREW Network staff will update event information, post registration link, etc. (see event management above)
  • CREW Network staff will update sponsor logos and annual sponsor/benefit information (see sponsorship above)

App Content

  • CREW Network staff can update news, committee pages, etc. upon request of chapter leaders (see app integration above)

Additional service options and fees


Credit card processing fee




Returned check fee

$20 (actual cost)






Email distribution

$ .01 / email recipient, per email



Email account(s)

First email account is free
Additional accounts $5 / month

Includes any email account that is attached to a mailbox, forwarding mailboxes and distribution groups.






Printing, shipping and supply fees

CREW Network passes on the actual cost for use of any third party service including shipping, printing, copying, mail handling, etc. Current supply costs listed below are based on current rates and are subject to change.



Self-adhesive nametag stock with color printing (per sheet of 8)




Self-adhesive nametag stock with black/white printing (per sheet of 8)




Self-adhesive nametag stock – blank (per sheet of 8)




Insert nametag stock with color printing (per sheet of 6)


$ .85


Insert nametag stock with black/white printing (per sheet of 6)


$ .60


Insert nametag stock – blank (per sheet of 6)


$ .80


Color printing on chapter-purchased nametag stock (per page)


$ .10


Black/white printing on chapter-purchased nametag stock (per page)


$ .40


Plastic holders to use with insert nametags (per holder)




Plastic holders to use with insert nametags (box of 100)


$ .50


Ribbons (each) -- Order direct at for the best rates




Color printing on table tents (per sheet of 2)


$ .60


Black/white printing on table tents (per sheet of 2)


$ .95


Color printing on cardstock (per page)


$ .20


Color printing on regular 20 lb paper (per page, one side)


$ .07


Black/white printing on regular 20 lb  paper (per page, one side)


$ .10


Black/white printing on regular 20 lb  paper (per page, both sides)


CREW Network, 1201 Wakarusa Dr Ste D, Lawrence, KS 66049 USA
Toll-free: +1 (888) 866-CREW | Direct: (785) 832-1808 | Fax: (785) 832-1551

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