Sally Bach Taps Fellow CREW Tucson Members for Renovation Projects

July 16, 2018
Written by: Vanessa Manners, CREW Atlanta

When Fangamer began hunting for a new building to house their expanding business in Tucson, Arizona, they didn’t have to go far. After finding a 10,000 square-foot facility, they approached their next-door neighbor, Sally Bach, owner and manager of G2 Contracting, LLC, to provide cost estimates for renovation.

This project required partial demolition of the interior building to build offices, a theater, conference rooms, a kitchen and photography studio. Formerly a post office, various components of the building had to be replaced, including asphalt flooring. Adding complexity, the previous owner had cut holes in the concrete roof to add a ventilation system which required the expertise of a structural engineer.

Throughout the project Bach worked tirelessly to make sure the team was on the same page and working towards the same goal. She communicated expectations and kept the client well apprised of project status. One team member, Margret Huebner, Co-Owner of Commercial Cleaning & Restoration, stated that it was easy to work with Bach because she kept everyone so well informed.

Bach has enabled other women-owned businesses to expand their contacts and grow their revenue streams through CREW. Two of these women include fellow CREW Tucson members Huebner and Jane McCollum, General Manager of the Marshall Foundation. As a direct result of Bach’s mentorship and coaching, Huebner has been able to expand her business. McCollum exclaimed how wonderful Bach was to work with and how great she was at documenting change orders and resolving conflicts. Both members would highly recommend her for renovation projects.

Bach lives the CREW mission to advance and develop women in commercial real estate. She is committed to working with and furthering the careers of other CREW Tucson members. Bach regularly taps fellow members to be involved in her projects, and her intentional outreach has enabled CREW Tucson members to gain business and become more active members.

In 2016, Bach’s total revenue base was over $1 million—$500,000 of which was a direct result of working with other CREW members.

Three CREW Tucson members were involved in the Fangamers deal

CREW Tucson members involved in the Fangamers deal:
Sally Bach

Sally Bach
Owner/Manager, G2 Contracting, LLC


Margret Huebner

Margret Huebner
Co-Owner, Commercial Cleaning & Restoration


Laurie Niemiec

Laurie Niemiec
New Business Development, Distinctive Carpets, Inc.


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Vanessa Manners specializes in marketing and business development for Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. - one of the nation's premier planning and design engineering consultants. She is a member of CREW Atlanta and serves on the CREW Network Communications and Editorial Committee.