Learning and Networking, New Orleans Style

February 27, 2019
Written by: Milena Nazaruk, Toronto CREW
Laissez les bons temps rouler! Pictured from left Donna Taylor (New Orleans CREW), Natalie Barnes (New Orleans CREW), Clarie Roberts (MNCREW) and Gayle Bourdeau (CREW Boston).

New Orleans CREW warmly welcomed 2019 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit participants from more than 76 markets across the U.S. and Canada. Mardi Gras themed masks and beads set the tone for a fun and interactive summit in true New Orleans style, allowing (the record high 345) participants—especially newbies like me—to easily break the ice and network.

The collective intelligence in the room was packed with many ideas to implement at work, with your CREW chapter leaders and members, and in your personal life. Ideas were flowing for chapter recruitment, engagement activities and career outreach that everyone can take back and implement based on their individual challenges and opportunities.

2019 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit
Nine members of CREW Charlotte attended the Leadership Summit. Pictured from left is Melissa Oliver, Nancy Olah, Nichole Kelley, Kelly Steele, Sallie Jarosz, Patty Trepp Drummond, Robin Turner, Virginia Luther and Adrienne Bain.

The session on branding from Firestarter’s Frances Reimers was a good wakeup call for many of us in the industry on the importance of not only a physical but also a digital presence, and how to best curate how others may experience you. At the end of her session, Reimers noted,  “How we package ourselves and put ourselves online is sometimes the only impression we get to make on others.” Here are some other notes that I took away:

  • Don’t forget to complete your LinkedIn profile (that means your bio summary too).

  • When posting on LinkedIn, remember that it isn’t Facebook. “It’s not what you want to tell them, but what they need to know.”

  • Update your profile photo and don’t forget to smile!

  • Clean out your posts regularly (at least once a year).

While the learning and sharing was great, most important and rewarding were the networking and business connections. The dine arounds helped me get to know new people and share some laughs, not to mention the phenomenal food at well-selected restaurants. How many new connections will you make this year?

Milena Nazaruk

Milena Nazaruk is Sr. Manager of Retail Analysis with Cadillac Fairview. Within the Strategic Insights Area, she oversees a team of analysts that look to triangulate qualitative and quantitative data to deliver insights around industry trends, retailer health, consumer behaviour, and category performance. Her previous experience includes financial services and consulting (retail, logistics, media, manufacturing). Nazaruk has an MBA from the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University and a Math/Statistics Hon. BSc. from University of Toronto, and is a member of the 2019 CREW Network Communications and Editorial Committee.

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