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CREWcast is a podcast hosted by CREW Network CEO, Wendy Mann. CREWcast features top thought leaders in commercial real estate, shares important industry insight, and inspires change. In this series, Wendy interviews past presidents of National Network for Commercial Real Estate Women (NNCREW) and CREW Network.

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CREW Herstory | Episode I
An Interview with 1992 NNCREW President Linda Greenberg

Feb. 4, 2019


CREW Herstory | Episode II
An Interview with 1995 NNCREW President Anne DeVoe Lawler

Mar. 22, 2019


CREW Herstory | Episode III
An Interview with 1999 NNCREW President Eliza Solender

April 12, 2019


CREW Herstory | Episode IV
An Interview with 2004 CREW Network President Deborah Quok

May 31, 2019


CREW Herstory | Episode V
An Interview with 2001 CREW Network President Sally French Tyler

June 17, 2019


CREW Herstory | Episode VI
An Interview with 2007 CREW Network President Marianne Ajemian

July 18, 2019


CREW Herstory | Episode VII
An Interview with 2012 CREW Network President Diane Butler

Aug. 21, 2019


CREW Herstory | Episode VIII
An Interview with 2009 CREW Network President Jane Snoddy Smith

Sept. 4, 2019


CREW Herstory | Episode X
An Interview with 2014 CREW Network President Judy Nitsch

Sept. 18, 2019



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