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Clarissa Ortiz-Valdez

Member Services Manager

Clarissa Ortiz-Valdez is a proud alumna of Virginia Commonwealth University, where she earned a double bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology. With a rich background as an association manager and director, Clarissa has left an indelible mark on numerous non-profits in Washington DC, showcasing her commitment to creating positive change and fostering deep connections within communities. In 2024, Clarissa embraced a pivotal role as the Member Services Manager at CREW Network, leveraging her extensive experience to elevate the experience of CREW members. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Clarissa is an avid traveler, passionate about immersing herself in diverse cultures and exploring the wonders of the world. During moments of repose, she channels her creativity into interior decorating, infusing spaces with her unique and tasteful flair. As a true connoisseur of culinary experiences, Clarissa delights in discovering new restaurants and savoring the varied flavors each place has to offer. In her leisure time, Clarissa finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, spending weekends at home with her spouse, mini goldendoodle, and tuxedo cat.