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Women of Vision Program

Women of Vision pin graphic

Cumulative Life Giving Eligibility

Monetary donations made directly to the CREW Network Foundation by an individual are calculated into one’s cumulative life giving. If an individual’s donation is matched by an organization, the individual also receives lifetime giving credit for the amount of the matching donation.

Unfulfilled pledges are not included; only the donations that have been actually collected are included in the individual’s cumulative lifetime giving.

Contributions for which an individual receives a benefit are excluded from cumulative lifetime giving. This includes raffle ticket purchases, auction item purchases, and any other contributions for which the individual receives a tangible benefit. Food and beverages, and attendance at CREW Network Foundation events are not included as benefits.

Contributions of items and services for chapter auctions or chapter raffles are excluded from cumulative life giving calculations as it is not practically possible for CREW Network Foundation to estimate the value of items donated.

The CREW Network Foundation Women of Vision program was established in 2007 to recognize donors for their cumulative giving to CREW Network Foundation. Participation in the program acknowledges an individual’s commitment to support CREW Network Foundation’s mission – to advance women in the commercial real estate industry.

When individuals reach $10,000 in cumulative lifetime giving, they are inducted into the CREW Network Foundation Women of Vision program. Each inductee is awarded an exclusive, numbered Women of Vision gold lapel pin. Each subsequent $10,000 in cumulative lifetime giving is recognized with the addition of a diamond to the individual’s pin.

Our generous Women/Men of Vision

Jane Snoddy Smith diamond diamond diamond diamond diamond diamond
Dottie Cunningham diamond diamond diamond diamond
M. Maureen Anders diamond diamond diamond
B. Diane Butler diamond diamond diamond
Regina Bruce  diamond diamond
Anne DeVoe Lawler diamond diamond
Judy Nitsch diamond diamond 
Gail S. Ayers diamond
Ginger Bryant diamond
Collete English Dixon diamond
Irene L. Hosford diamond
Beth Lambert diamond
Cindy Malone diamond
Diana L. Parker diamond  
Marianne Ajemian
Linda S. Andreozzi
Kris Beason
Brenda Bodian
Armin Cantini
Kathy Carr
Barbara Champoux
Faith Hope Consolo
Lou Ann Dent
Angela E. Dugick
Tina A. Essegian
Jeanette Flory-Sagan
Calvin "Cal" Frese, Jr.
Roberta B. Fuhr
Bonnie S. Gottlieb
Cheryl Hardt
Jodi Hartley
Conilee Hennersdorf
Sharon Herrin
Susan Hill
Linda G. Hollemon
Victoria L. Joly
Cynthia Emerson Keefer
Lori E. Kilberg
Julie A. Kimble
H.F. "Gerry" Lenfest
Judith D. Levine
Jean M. Meilinger
Nancy Olah
Patricia "Lynny" Osenbaugh
Janice Paine
Jennifer A. Redner
Glenn Rufrano
Karin Schulz
MaryBeth Shapiro
Kelley J. Smith
Elizabeth E. Solender
Sally French Tyler
Margaret Van Meter
Gerry Ring Waltz
Goldie Wolfe Miller
Valerie L. Wood
Cindy Wozny-Carl
Ann Waeger