Kim Lochridge

Kim Lochridge

CREW Network Webinar Speaker

Kim Lochridge is Executive Vice President for Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS), an industry-leading provider of specialty tax services in the United States. She possesses a powerful combination of real-world business management skills, with a fundamental understanding and practical application of tax codes as they relate to real estate, and energy efficiency incentives. This knowledge and experience has uniquely positioned Lochridge as a big-league tax expert for Fortune 500, high net worth individuals, ultra-high net worth individuals, single and multiple Family Offices, architects, engineers, and CPAs nationwide.

Lochridge also serves on the Investment Council for the Gonzalez Family Office where she reviews potential opportunities and co-investments the family’s portfolio. This activity has earned her a seat on the tax committee for the Washington D.C. based Real Estate Roundtable group as well as a variety of board positions. 

Prior to joining ETS and the Gonzalez Family Office, Lochridge has spent over a quarter of a century in entrepreneurship, which had important roles within the real estate and energy industry. She is also a frequent multi-national speaker in the tax, investment, private wealth, and family office spaces where she altruistically shares her expertise with others.

Lochridge will be the featured speaker on the professional development webinar exclusively for members - Opportunity Zones: What You and Your Clients Need to Know Now.