Strategic Planning

Date September 26, 2018
Location Zoom Conference
Time 12 - 1 PM (Central)
Attendee List

Effective governance is the foundation of a successful CREW chapter

Facilitators: Holly Neber, CREW Network President-Elect

This month’s Board-Hosted Call is focused on strategic planning, focusing on best practices in setting your chapter’s short- and long-term goals to achieve our overall mission. If your local market chapter has been particularly successful implementing its strategic plan, we encourage you to share. If your chapter has not executed steps toward strategic planning, or is struggling getting started, this call can help.

Additional resource:

CREW Network Strategic Planning Playbook »

About Board-Hosted Calls

Board-Hosted Calls provide an opportunity for chapter leaders to interface with one another, share best practices and examine new ideas and approaches to major topics impacting quality chapter operations. These conference calls are open to chapter presidents, presidents-elects and delegates, and are hosted by a CREW Network board member. Chapter presidents, presidents-elects or delegates may invite other chapter representatives who might find a topic beneficial to their role.

Attendee List

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