Board-Hosted Call — Membership: Opportunities for Growth

Date February 27, 2019
Location Conference Call
Time Noon - 1 pm (Central)

Facilitator: Tiffany English, CREW Network director

The success and sustainability of CREW Network and your chapter depends upon the retention and engagement of our membership. How do we provide consistent value and opportunity to our existing members to make CREW relevant and a key, must-have cornerstone to their careers? Join us to share and discuss established chapter programs and procedures that focus on member retention, the engagement of members, and consistent high-quality programming.

You will find the CREW Network Membership Development Playbook in the CREWbiz Community Open Forum Resource Center (login required).

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Julie Ramirez
CREW Network Operations Assistant
+1 (785) 856-8271

About Board-Hosted Calls

Board-Hosted Calls provide an opportunity for chapter leaders to interface with one another, share best practices and examine new ideas and approaches to major topics impacting quality chapter operations. These conference calls are open to chapter presidents, presidents-elects and delegates, and are hosted by a CREW Network board member. Chapter presidents, presidents-elects or delegates may invite other chapter representatives who might find a topic beneficial to their role.