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Professional Development Training: Leading with Vision and Hope

Date JUNE 11, 2021
Time 10 AM - NOON (CDT)
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Strategies to lead your business and communities into an exciting future

There is a saying by Chuang Tzu, “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” For many, recent events and their impact on our businesses and our lives have felt, at times, like the world is ending. But there is more to come—better things, great things. If we only knew how to get out of the thick fog that we are in today, we might be able to get excited about the future.

In this training, Bonnie Hagemann, leadership strategist and CEO of EDA, will bring a timely message of visionary leadership and inspiration. You will learn how to lead others in your business and communities into an exciting future with a step-by-step model, as well as a blueprint for success.


Bonnie Hagemann

Bonnie Hagemann, CEO, EDA, Inc.

Bonnie Hagemann is the CEO of EDA, Inc., a top-of-the-house consulting firm known around the world for its C-Suite capabilities in executive development and research. Bonnie, personally, is a published and well-known leadership strategist who advises public and large company CEOs and is often called upon as a subject matter expert for the media including Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, US News and World Report and many more. In addition, she serves on an HR tech corporate board, leads some of the industry’s most valued Trends in Executive Development research and serves as co-president for WomenExecs on Boards.

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