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The CREW Network Foundation Scholarship program supports future female leaders as they pursue university-level education that will lead to careers in CREW Network's Qualified Fields of Commercial Real Estate.

With the help of our generous donors, Scholarship Endowment Founders and scholarship program partners, CREW Network and its Foundation have given $760,000 to 106 female students, in 30 states/provinces at 69 universities.

CREW Network Foundation scholars

Canadian Universities

British Columbia
University of British Columbia (3)


Queen's University (1)
University of Western Ontario (1)
York University (2)

U.S. Universities

University of Alabama (3)

California State University - Northridge (1)
California State University - Fullerton (2)
San Diego State University (1)
Stanford University (1)
University of California - Berkeley (1)
University of California - Los Angeles (1)
University of San Diego (1)
University of Southern California - LA (1)

University of Denver (4)

University of Connecticut (2)
Yale University (1)

District of Columbia
American University (1)

Rollins College (1)
University of Central Florida (1)
University of Florida (1)
University of Miami (2)

Emory University (2)
Georgia State University (1)
University of Georgia (5)

Roosevelt University (1)
The University of Chicago (1)
University of Illinois - Chicago (1)
University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign (2)

University of Northern Iowa (2)

Wichita State University (1)

University of Baltimore (3)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1)
Northeastern University (1)
Suffolk University (1)

University of Michigan (2)

Saint Cloud State University (2)
University of St. Thomas (1)
Saint Louis University (1)
Washington University - St. Louis (1)

University of Nebraska - Lincoln (1)

New Jersey
Monmouth University (1)

New York
Columbia University (2)
New York Institute of Technology (1)
New York University (2)

North Carolina
The Art Institute of Charlotte (1)
Queens University of Charlotte (3)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1)
University North Carolina - Charlotte (1)
Western Carolina University (1)

University of Cincinnati (3)

Portland State (1)

Drexel (1)
Penn State University (1)
Philadelphia University (2)
Villanova University (4)
University of Pennsylvania (2)

South Carolina
College of Charleston (1)

Rice University (1)
Southern Methodist University (1)
Texas A&M University (1)
Texas Christian University (1)
University of Texas - Austin (2)
University of Texas - San Antonio (1)
University of North Texas (1)

University of Utah (1)

Virginia Tech University (1)

University of Washington - Seattle (3)

Marquette (1)
University of Wisconsin - Madison (2)


2008 CREW Network Foundation scholars

Mahsa Allandet

Georgia State University
Real Estate and Finance
Hometown: Cumming, Ga.

Kristin Bush
University of St. Thomas
Real Estate and Economics
Hometown: St. Paul, Minn.

Susan Davis

University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Commerce, Real Estate
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Valerie K. DePan
Portland State University 
Community Development with a Minor in Real Estate Development
Hometown: Portland, Ore.

Sarah Gall
California State University, Fullerton
Business Administration, Finance
Hometown: Tustin, Calif.

Quiana Da'Niece Gough
University of Baltimore
Real Estate and Economic Development
Hometown: Baltimore, Md.

Jessica Hull
University of Denver
Real Estate and Construction Management
Hometown: Denver, Colo.

Jennifer Layton
University of Connecticut
Finance with a Minor in Real Estate and Urban Economics
Hometown: Glastonbury, Conn.

Alexandra Underhill
University of Georgia
Business Administration
Hometown: Louisville, Ky.

Meredith Wolff
Southern Methodist University 
Real Estate Finance and Economics with Financial Applications
Hometown: Cypress, Texas

2009 CREW Network Foundation scholars

Parul Amin

Monmouth University
Business-Concentration in Real Estate

Ariel Ball

Emory University-Goizueta Business School
Real Estate, Finance

Alexandra Hale
University of Georgia
International Business

Chelsey Hayes
University of North Texas
Real Estate

Nicole Lackey
University of Georgia
Real Estate

Emma Lane
Northeastern University – College of Business Administration

Julie Markham
University of Denver
Finance and Real Estate

Mara Merutka
University of Wisconsin- Madison
Real Estate & Urban Land Economics; Finance, Investment & Banking

"Bright" George-Oluwaboro 
University of Baltimore
Real Estate and Economic Development

Cynthia Thiebaut
University of California, Berkeley

Erika Faith Thompson
University of Central Florida Finance and Real Estate

2010 CREW Network Foundation scholars

Chelsea Biele

University of Georgia
Real Estate

Chandler Davis

University of Alabama
Finance with a Specialization in Real Estate

Hannah Goedert
University of Denver
Real Estate and Finance

Emily Jones
Stanford University
Urban Studies

Jennifer Robinson-Jahns
University of Washington
Community, Environment, and Planning

Alexandra Caitlin Rogers
College of Charleston
Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate

Lacey Schumacher
St. Cloud State University
Real Estate

Danielle Vera
California State University at Fullerton
Business Admin., with a concentration in Accounting and Real Estate-Finance

2011 CREW Network Foundation scholars

Laura Bodine

University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Business
Real Estate and Urban Land Economics

Tiffany Chao

University of Washington
Community, Environment & Planning

Kianga Coleman

Wichita State University
Finance with an emphasis in Real Estate

Emily DiNovo

Villanova University
Finance / International Business with a Minor in Real Estate

Kristen Killeen

Villanova University
Accounting and Finance with a Minor in Real Estate

Karla Moses

University of Baltimore – Merrick School of Business
Real Estate and Economic Development

Kelly Ness

University of San Diego
Real Estate and Marketing

Alison Roach

San Diego State University
Real Estate

Melinda Sabeti

University of Washington
Landscape Architecture/Community, Environment & Planning

Abigail Valdez

University of Georgia
Real Estate / Accounting

2012 CREW Network Foundation scholars

Amanda Acchione
York University – Schulich School of Business
Double Specialist (Major) in Accounting and Finance


Brittani Clayton
University of Connecticut
Real Estate / Urban Economics 

Abby Hall
University of Alabama
Business Management
with a Minor in Political Science / Real Estate 

Sara Hesson 

Rice University
Master of Business Administration - Real Estate Concentration

Megan Nemandoust
University of Michigan

Amber Lam

York University
Juris Doctor / Master of Business Administration, and Graduate Diploma in Real Estate and Infrastructure

Taylor Phaneuf
University of Florida
Finance with a Minor in Real Estate


2013 CREW Network Foundation scholars

Natalie Breen

Hometown: Medford, MA
University: Senior at Suffolk University
Major: Marketing
An honors scholar within Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School, Natalie will be graduating early in December 2013 before continuing to graduate school. Natalie holds a 3.9 GPA and has completed several internships from startups to working with the Governor of Massachusetts. Natalie first became interested in real estate when she moved into Boston for college. "I saw how dynamic and interesting the real estate industry is, how many components go into it and how exciting it can be. I was hooked immediately."

Natalie has an entrepreneurial spirit and defines herself as a "self-starter". In the future, Natalie hopes to be a leader in the real estate industry as a key problem solver with creative solutions to real life problems. "I would love to eventually have my own firm and be an integral part of the innovative ideas that are brewing in the industry."


Ailena DiBenedetto

Hometown: Austin, Texas
University: Senior at The University of Texas at Austin
Major: Management Information Systems (MIS)
Ailena is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS) and minoring in Marketing. She will complete her degree, along with the Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate program in May of 2014. She currently holds a GPA of 3.6 and works as an intern in the investment sales division at The Weitzman Group in Austin. Ailena has held a real estate sales License in Texas for over four years and plans to pursue a career in commercial real estate brokerage, leveraging her expertise in technology, investor relations and knowledge of the central Texas commercial real estate market.

She currently serves as the Technology Director for the Undergraduate Real Estate Society at the University of Texas. Ailena’s interest in real estate is an extension of her life-long love of design and creative use of space. “I spend most of my free time looking at homes for sale online and imagining how I would market them,” she says. When she won CREW Austin’s Commercial Real Estate Challenge in 2012, she knew she wanted to set her sights on “not just a successful career, but a meaningful one with the opportunity to really get to know other women in my field and to come together to give back to this amazing community.”

Abbey Ehman

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
University: Graduate student at University of Utah
Masters of Real Estate Development
Abbey is pursuing a Masters Degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Utah. Her program is the only one in the country that is interdisciplinary between a College of Architecture and Planning and a College of Business, and she hopes to combine these two areas of expertise in her real estate career. Abbey graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors of Environmental Design and practiced in Texas, South Carolina, and Italy. Her emphasis is sustainable design and adaptive reuse and her approach includes a comprehensive understanding of materials in order to maximize resource efficiency and durability.

At the University of Utah, Abbey has conducted market research in the areas of demographic changes, shifting real estate markets and sustainability valuation. She also serves as adjunct faculty, instructing a course in the Practical Applications of Sustainability. After living in six different countries, Abbey brings a global perspective to each of her projects. Her passion for design and community-centered development is tempered by a comprehensive understanding of the lending process and realistic investment expectations. She hopes to create value for her clients and her community through innovative marketing solutions and collaborative financing strategies. 

Margaret “Maggie” Hill

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
University: Junior at Queens University of Charlotte
Major: Business Administration
Maggie, a junior at Queens University of Charlotte, is currently studying in the McCool School of Business with a concentration in Finance. Along with her major in Business, Maggie has chosen to minor in Psychology. Maggie has made the Dean’s List every semester at Queens, where she has consistently maintained a GPA above 3.7. She currently serves as the President of the Beta Iota chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, where she has served as the Finance Vice President in the year prior. Maggie has held the offices on campus such as Sophomore Class President, Honor Council Representative and Administrative Hearing Board Member.

She is currently the Treasurer of the Business Club on campus and has recently been selected as a mentor for new students, where she serves as a T2U leader (Transition to University). Maggie just completed an internship at The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, where she served as the Campaign Intern for the Campaign 2013. Her initial interest in commercial real estate arose when Maggie was employed at the Allen Tate Company where she worked in Relocation and Accounting.

Irene Kalis

Hometown: McLean, Virginia
University: Senior at American University (AU)
Major: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Real Estate Specialization
Scheduled to graduate in May 2014, Irene Kalis is majoring in Business Administration (Real Estate specialization) at American University’s Kogod School of Business. Her past and present real estate-related activities and interests demonstrate her sincere interest in a commercial real estate career. As an active Student Member of Urban Land Institute (ULI) since April 2011, she has actively participated in its lectures, mentorships and workshops to both expand her commercial real estate (CRE) knowledge and stay abreast of CRE news.

She enjoys volunteering with Kogod’s Real Estate Club to perform real estate-related community service. Serving as Kogod’s Real Estate Club’s Vice President of Undergraduate Affairs for AU’s Fall 2012 Semester, allowed Ms. Kalis to utilize her leadership and organization skills while deepening her interest in commercial real estate. She looks forward to being a student member of CREW Network, participating in CREW Network’s eMentoring program and her internship at CBRE, Inc.

Jewelle F. Kennedy, “JFK”

Hometown: New York, NY
University: Graduate student at Columbia University
Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED), 2014
Jewelle is a student at Columbia University in the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. She is currently part of the Student Council and a Graduate Research Assistant at The Center for Urban Real Estate (CURE). She received her BBA degree in Real Estate in 2009 from Georgia State University where she also co-founded the Student Real Estate Club. She became President of the Real Estate Alumni Group upon graduating.

She was an Urban Planner for the City of Atlanta’s Department of Planning and Community Development and hopes to strengthen the unique connection between her educational and professional background in real estate and urban planning. She also wishes to bring her international experience to the commercial real estate industry to position herself competitively in the global market. She has traveled to six continents, including a study abroad trip to Egypt and Dubai in 2008. She truly believes she will be one of the emerging leaders in the industry. Her ultimate goal is to start her own real estate firm. Says Jewelle, “I have a vision to redevelop vacant, underutilized properties and turn them into the “Jewel” they are meant to be.”

Cornelia Le

Hometown: Calgary, AB
University: Senior at University of Western Ontario
Major: Urban Development
Cornelia, an Honors Specialization student majoring in Urban Development at the University of Western Ontario is scheduled to graduate on May 2014. She has a keen interest in asset and portfolio management with professional skill sets in Geographic Information System (ArcGIS). Her passion for the commercial real estate industry has increased dramatically over the past three years, with each course she took at the University of Western Ontario. She has a strong business background with three years of experience of Junior Achievement, two years of fashion entrepreneurship and one year of franchise management in home services.

"As an undergraduate, I am trying to build a portfolio with diverse experiences in many aspects of commercial real estate to better fit into a leadership role in commercial real estate 10 to 15 years down the road." Her latest Urban Development consulting internship with Stantec Consulting Ltd. exposed her to various stages of project development, ranging from environmental assessment, landscape architecture, planning, public consultation and finally construction. Her academic success as one of the top students in the Urban Development Program and her initiative to establish the Urban Development Association at her university demonstrate her strong work ethic and motivation to become one of the best in the industry.

Lisa Platte

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
University: Senior at California State University, Northridge
Major: B.A. in Real Estate and B.S. in Finance
Lisa is currently a senior at California State University, Northridge. She is a double major in both Finance and Real Estate and has a 3.91 GPA. Growing up with very little money, she learned the value of work and education, but her love for real estate began when she was able to buy her first home as a single mom. Since then, she has been on a path of learning and education in the real estate industry. Upon graduation, her goal is to seek opportunities where she can both educate and inspire those around her and belter the profession. She is determined to become a leader in the industry and create vehicles that will allow her to give back to the community.

Tahira Rehmatullah

Hometown: New Haven, CT
University: Second-year MBA student at Yale School of Management
Real Estate, Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship
Tahira Rehmatullah is a rising second-year MBA student at the Yale School of Management, where she is focused on real estate, impact investing and social entrepreneurship. Tahira received her undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University, graduating with a degree in finance and minor in science. Her interest in real estate began at Perry Capital, a hedge fund based in NYC, where she was a research associate focused on US and European mortgage-backed securities. Tahira wanted to utilize her experience from Perry Capital during the 2008 housing crisis to assist in redeveloping communities, and eventually moved to City First Enterprises (CFE). At CFE, a DC-based incubator of community development solutions, Tahira served as a program manager focused on the organization’s mission-finance real estate portfolio.

After completing her MBA, Tahira would like to pursue a career in real estate development and also focus on community development opportunities to revitalize areas throughout the US. Says Tahira, “I would like to combine my public and private sector experiences to not only engage in entrepreneurial and creative real estate deals, but help rejuvenate communities through vibrant real estate projects.” 

Shannon Richards

Hometown: San Francisco, Calif.
University: Senior at Villanova University
Major: Finance and Real Estate
My name is Shannon Richards and I am honored to be a recipient of the CREW Network Foundation Scholarship. My primary focus is on my schoolwork and success within the classroom, but I am involved in variety of activities on campus including: member of Delta Gamma Fraternity, Women in Business Society and Real Estate Society. I credit my passion for real estate back to my high school years. During my senior year of high school, I visited a family friends’ commercial real estate company in San Francisco and I fell in love with the energy and the drive employees put into their daily work. Since then, I have worked to learn more about the industry by visiting companies such as CBRE, Inc., Brandywine Real Estate Trust, and the Cherrybrook Group.

Even though I have worked hard to familiarize myself with the commercial real estate industry, I have enjoyed every moment of learning and meeting individuals who have already had a successful career. I am so grateful for those that encouraged me to apply for the CREW Network Foundation scholarship; especially my teachers at Villanova University and my CREW mentor Sue Welch. I look forward to a very successful career within the commercial real estate industry, and I thank those again who have chosen me to receive the award, and I hope to honor the CREW Network Foundation this year.

2014 CREW Network Foundation scholars

Taylor Benjamin

Hometown:  Denver, Colo.
University: Senior at the University of Alabama
Major: Finance with a concentration in real estate, minor in Spanish

Growing up, Taylor was nicknamed the family realtor because she loved looking at houses and knew she wanted a career in real estate.  However, she became interested in commercial real estate when a summer internship landed her in a multifamily commercial real estate office in her hometown of Denver, Colo. She worked under leaders in the Denver apartment market as they brokered investment deals in apartment buildings. Hooked on the multifamily market, Taylor interned the following summer in Charlotte, N.C., with the largest property management company in the country, gaining knowledge about another side of the apartment business.

Throughout college, Taylor has maintained a 3.9 cumulative GPA. She also spent one semester studying in Alicante, Spain. She hopes to one day head a commercial real estate and development company that focuses on sustainable building and historic preservation.

Megan Berry

Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.
University: Graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis
Master of business administration and master of architecture

Megan has aligned her passion for creating innovative land use strategies to her academic and professional experiences through her commitment to finding synergies between design and business. Megan spearheaded the winning proposal for the 2013 Olin Sustainability Case Competition by developing a revenue-generating model to mitigate land vacancy in St. Louis.  

Megan was selected as a fellow of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management because of her passion for enhancing the diversity and inclusion of women in business school and in corporate management. Megan currently serves as the student body president of the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design, co-president of the Olin Real Estate Club, and the Graduate Student Business Association’s vice president of external relations. Megan continues to apply her cross-functional teamwork skills to her professional experiences in real estate development. During the summer, Megan gained cross-departmental experience as a project manager in Global Store Development at Starbucks Coffee Co. Last summer, the dean of the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design selected Megan as the sole graduate recipient of the SCDA Architectsʼ Award. This granted her a summer design position at SCDA Architectsʼ Singapore office, exposing her to the international real estate market. Upon graduation, Megan will combine her experience in architectural design and business strategy to pursue her passion in real estate development.

Erica Chan

Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.
University: Senior in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan
Major: Finance, minor in international studies

Erica’s interest in high-rises led her to learn more about commercial real estate. After enrolling in a few real estate classes, her interest in real estate blossomed. Says Erica, “Real estate is more of an art than science because no two properties are alike, hence requiring different approaches and challenging my resourcefulness.”

She is a strong believer on giving back to the community and has been volunteering as a tax preparer for five years. Her goal is to further extend her real estate knowledge for a successful career in commercial real estate in the near future. She believes that with determination and hard work, her real estate knowledge will allow her to discover greater means by which she can bring changes to the community around her.

Latricia Gordon

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
University: Graduate student at Roosevelt University
Master of business administration with concentrations in real estate and finance

While considering different commercial real estate career paths, Latricia noted that those getting the greatest rewards for their risks were the developers. This career was right up her alley. She plans to use her love of networking to pull the right people together to build grand developments throughout the world.

She is currently the owner of a successful business that focuses on interior architecture, business district redevelopment and project management. Latricia currently holds a 3.9/4.0 GPA and will graduate in May 2015 after study abroad in Australia.


Auja Little

Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
University: Senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Major: Finance

A business honors student at UNC-Charlotte, Auja holds a 3.7 GPA while working as an intern and staying active within her college community as a twice-appointed member of the Student Activity Fees Commission. She will graduate in May 2015 with a degree in finance. Auja attributes her interest in commercial real estate to great opportunities and even greater mentors. Says Auja, “When I started at my first commercial real estate firm, I knew nothing about the industry. I ended up working for a brilliant mentor who opened my eyes to commercial real estate and ignited my current passion. Seeing that I could bring my own entrepreneurial spirit and project management skills to work every day made a career in commercial real estate something I ardently wanted to pursue.”

Her constant desire to grow and move forward pushes Auja to continue building knowledge and experience. Her future plans involve focusing on acquisitions and investments while climbing to a senior position in a commercial real estate firm. Ultimately, she desires to “pay it forward” and culminate her skills and life experience in the mentoring of future women who strive to reach similar goals.

Kimberly “Nikki” McLucas

Hometown: Concord, N.C.
University: Junior at Western Carolina University
Major: Accounting, minor in leadership and finance

Nikki’s involvement on campus is extensive. She juggles executive positions in WCU’s leadership programs/conferences and her sorority, and serves in student government while maintaining status in the Honors College. Having a learning disability in reading, she remains focused on achieving her goal of becoming a CPA.  During the summer, she participated in the leadership program with Elliott Davis, a regional accounting firm, which provided an opportunity with its tax program to combine her passion for real estate with her career aspirations in public accounting.

Her interest in commercial real estate came from working in several different real estate-affiliated companies over the past three years. Over her summers and holiday breaks, she continues to gain more interest in the real estate field by attending CREW Charlotte events and student-oriented functions sponsored by CREW Charlotte with her mother. She has worked in the accounting offices of a development/property management firm and two different construction companies, which gave her exposure to several different career opportunities in real estate. She states, “I am excited about the opportunities CREW Network offers through its mentoring and networking programs, in addition to the internship opportunities that allow exposure to many influential professionals, particularly women, with achievements aligned to my goals. The opportunity to learn from these incredible leaders is very exciting for me.”

Meghan McShan

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
University: Graduate Student at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Master in urban planning and policy, concentration in economic development

Meghan currently maintains a 4.0 GPA while balancing dual commitments as an intern with the City of Evanston’s Economic Development Department and as a research assistant with UIC’s Center for Urban Economic Development.

After graduating from Spelman College with a bachelor’s degree in economics, Meghan became interested in commercial real estate after working as an associate at a local planning consulting firm, where she led community outreach campaigns and conducted research to inform innovative social entrepreneurship ventures. In this position, she also supported the launch of, a small business financing search engine and news portal. 

Meghan’s career interests after graduation include working within the commercial real estate industry to develop policy tools and market interventions that promote revitalization within disinvested neighborhoods and encourage local business ownership. Says Meghan, “I dream of developing a model of retail incubation that would serve as a hub of entrepreneurship and commercial investment for blighted neighborhoods.”

Dan Nguyen

Hometown: Fairfax, Va.
University: Senior at Virginia Tech
Major: Dual degrees in property management and real estate, double minor in business and entrepreneurship-new venture growth

Dan currently holds a 3.82 GPA and is scheduled to graduate in May 2015. She is very passionate about the real estate industry — her course work and internships have allowed her to expand her knowledge in several different aspects of the real estate industry, such as development, investment and management. Dan’s goal in the near future is to pursue a career in asset management, which will allow her to utilize her analytical skills in identifying ways to improve the financial performance of real estate properties.

“I love to learn, to explore, and to challenge myself.” Dan says. “I also love the concept of being efficient and effective at the same time, which is the reason I always search for ways to work smarter in order to generate high-quality results from modest resources. I hope to be able to apply this philosophy into real estate practices. I am eager to find new ways to improve the operations of real estate properties. My focus would be on lean practices that can increase properties’ net operating incomes and  tenants’ satisfaction while reducing unnecessary expenses, which will eventually have positive impacts on the properties’ values.”

Hanna Oimoen

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
University: Senior at the University of Illinois
Major: Finance

Hanna has been interested in architecture and real estate since she was in the sixth grade, when a teacher had her create her ideal home. She attended the University of Oregon during her first two years of college to pursue an architecture degree but found that the financial side of real estate interested her more so she transferred and changed her major.

Last summer she interned with Diversified Real Estate Capital, which opened her eyes to the endless opportunities in commercial real estate. She is currently an intern at State Farm in its real estate investment department. Her long-term goal is to run her own development company that specializes in sustainable design for lower-income housing.

Leeron Regev

Hometown: Woodland Hills, Calif.
University: Senior at the University of Southern California
Major: Policy, planning & development, real estate development emphasis

Watching real estate projects come to life gives Leeron a sense of fulfillment. She is currently completing the courses required to achieve her real estate license and is looking forward to learning more about real estate finance and investments. She is excited to delve into new projects and is looking forward to meeting spirited associates along the way.

2015 CREW Network Foundation scholars

Lauren Baker

Hometown: Friendswood, Texas
University: Senior at the Texas A&M University
Major: Agricultural Economics

Lauren is a senior at Texas A&M University majoring in Agricultural Economics with a focus in Real Estate and Finance. She currently has a 3.89 grade point average and will be entering the Master of Real Estate program at Texas A&M's Mays Business School immediately upon graduating in December 2015. Lauren studied abroad in Australia and Fiji the summer of 2014 year where she learned about the world’s eco system and earned nine credit hours in sustainability. During this past summer, Lauren worked as an intern at HFF’s Houston office, gaining valuable insight into the commercial real estate industry, which included creating marketing collateral for a number of transactions and underwriting. Lauren states, “My background and academic concentrations in finance, accounting, and economic market analysis will integrate soundly into the dynamic requirements of the real estate business, and I look forward to pursuing a career in real estate.”

A. Katherine Canning

Hometown: Rockville, Md.
University: Graduate student at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Major: MBA - Real Estate

Katherine is scheduled to graduate The Wharton School’s MBA program in May 2016. She is concentrating in Real Estate and Management, is serving as Co-President of the Wharton Real Estate Club, and is an active member of the Wine Club, Ski Club, and Private Equity Club. Following 7 years of professional experience in Structured Credit Products and Commercial Real Estate Banking in New York City, most recently as a Vice President, she is seeking a career in Real Estate Private Equity. Katherine attributes her success so far to her strong work ethic, attention to detail, and communication skills, which have been apparent since her undergraduate years at the University of Maryland where she managed to pay for her college education by waiting tables at a local restaurant while maintaining a 3.8 GPA in her double major and holding officer positions in Kappa Delta sorority and the Finance Society. Katherine’s passion for real estate sparked from a young age, when her father worked in residential construction, frequently bringing her on tours of the developments he was working to build. Through a career in real estate investing, Katherine aims to help develop and redevelop beneficial communities which will over time improve residents’ and communities’ quality of life, which she sees as an increasing national problem. Katherine is spending the summer of 2015 interning in ASB Real Estate Investment’s acquisitions and asset management group in the Washington, DC area, where she grew up.

Sara Jane Cardenas

Hometown: Englewood, Colo.
University: Senior at the University of Denver
Major: Finance

Sara became interested in commercial real estate when she landed her first internship at a commercial real estate finance company in Denver. She has worked there for over a year and sees commercial real estate finance as not only her future career, but her passion. Sara’s job has provided her with experience in real estate investment underwriting, financial modeling, and due diligence from both the position of a bridge lender and an equity partner. Sara aspires to take what she has learned at her internship and apply it to a full time career in commercial real estate finance when she graduates next June.Sara has been a Dean’s List recipient every quarter at University of Denver and continues to excel in her studies while working part time during the school year at her internship. Her success in her education and work show her dedication and drive to become an integral part of the commercial real estate industry. Says Sara “Through both my studies and my job I have gained experience and knowledge from the individuals I work with each day. I am excited to have a career in commercial real estate where I know my passion and hard work will contribute greatly to the industry”.

Mary Dooley

Hometown: Lake Forest, Ill.
University: Senior at the University of Miami
Major: Finance and Computer Information Systems

Commercial Real Estate first piqued Sara's interest through classwork, as well as the Bermont/Carlin Scholars Program, where she was able to learn more about the industry and network with key professionals. This interest grew into a passion through her internship with HFF, where she was able to gain exposure to investment sales and debt placement, among other platforms. The work there appealed to both her analytical and creative sides, as she enjoys both valuation and creating an in depth knowledge base of various submarkets; furthermore, the dynamic nature and quick pace of transactions characteristic of the industry overall mesh well with her personality and work ethic. Upon graduating in December, it is her goal to put these skills into practice on the capital markets side of the commercial real estate industry.

Samantha Miller

Hometown: Saratoga, Fla.
University: Junior at the University of Florida
Major: Business Administration - Management, with a minor in real estate

Samantha is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Management, with a minor in real estate, and a Master’s degree in International Business, with a certificate in Tourism & Hospitality Management. In the two years since she started at UF, she has published a paper on negotiation titled “Availability Bias Can Improve Women’s Propensity to Negotiate”, founded a new organization for undergraduates interested in real estate (URES – Undergraduate Real Estate Society), mentors international students, and is a teaching assistant for a freshman success & development course. Samantha not only juggles student organizations and extracurricular activities, but also works part-time as a leasing consultant for a new community in Gainesville, where she holds the record for the most leases closed by a single agent.

Olivia Neal

Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
University: Junior at The Art Institute of Charlotte
Major: Interior Design

Presently excelling as an honors student in the Interior Design-BA program at the Art Institute of Charlotte, Olivia has earned a 3.95 GPA and is scheduled to graduate in the fall of 2016. Olivia has also served multiple terms as the Student President of the ASID (American Society for Interior Designers) Chapter at her school and was recently elected the Student Representative to the Board for the ASID Carolinas Chapter. In addition to her numerous recognitions and volunteer work, she has maintained a successful full-time position with her current employer, A2Z Field Services, for over four years. A2Z is a nationally recognized, women-owned, mortgage field service provider dedicated to assisting loan servicers, government agencies and real estate auction companies. Says Olivia, “Creativity is something that as an Interior Design student, I am able to explore constantly. I feel that this translates into real estate as well and allows me to construct innovative ideas and creative solutions to problems.” Olivia is confident that both her work experience and education will serve her well as an interior designer in the real estate industry.

Brittany Schmoll

Hometown: Saint Cloud, Minn.
University: Junior at Saint Cloud State University
Major: Real Estate

Brittany has been interested in a real estate career since a young age when she originally aspired to sell homes. Since then, she has grown to love commercial real estate and is pursuing a degree in real estate at Saint Cloud State University. There she upholds a strong academic record, maintaining a 4.0 GPA which has also named her to the Dean’s List every semester. Brittany has been highly involved on campus throughout her academic career. She is a member of the University Honors Program and has also participated in the Honors Club serving as the secretary in her sophomore year. However, her favorite campus organization to be active in is the Real Estate Association. Within the association, she has held an executive position as not only the club’s treasurer, but also the secretary. Brittany plans to stay active in both organizations as well as within the University Ambassadors Program she was recently selected to join. She additionally looks forward to mentoring freshman business students this fall. She attributes her growing knowledge in the industry to not only the real estate courses SCSU provides, but also to experience working with a property management firm as a leasing consultant. She tributes her internship at a credit union with providing her insight into the financial aspects of the commercial real estate field. Brittany looks forward her future career and development in the commercial real estate world and hopes to inspire other women to join the industry.

Amy Smith

Hometown: Hillsboro, Mo.
University: Junior at Saint Louis University
Major: Organizational Studies with a minor in real estate and community development

Supplementing her college course work, Amy is also taking courses to obtain her Real Property Administrator designation. She also works full time as a real estate manager for Health Care REIT, Inc. Amy has shown an interest in real estate since she was a child. She decided to pursue a career in commercial real estate when she accepted a position as a property administrator in 2012. It was then that she decided to further her education and pursue her career goals. Amy enjoys the fast-paced environment of her work and the ability to act as a problem solver on a daily basis. As a non-traditional student, Amy has learned to balance the demands of school, a career, and a family. She credits her determination and success to her supportive family who has always urged her to pursue her goals. Her long term goal is to earn her graduate degree and continue to succeed in her career.

Jenna Stoeltje

Hometown: San Antonio, Tex.
University: Graduate student at the University of Texas at San Antonio
Major: MBA - Real Estate Finance & Development

Jenna’s passion for the built environment can be traced back to her childhood when she would hand draw residential floor plans for fun. During her years in undergraduate school at the University of Southern California, she completed a B.A. in International Relations along with a Minor in Architecture. Jenna revels in travel, which has allowed her to see and experience great cities across the nation and around the world. She lived in Paris, France, where she studied Urbanism at Sciences Po. This was followed by an introductory program to architecture, planning, and preservation at Columbia University in New York City. She is now focused on her goal of working in the field of real estate development. Jenna believes that her visits to foreign cities have provided her with a unique insight into development projects and planning that she hopes to bring back to her hometown. Since returning to San Antonio and enrolling at UTSA, she has gained practical knowledge in the real estate industry by working as a real estate assistant at a commercial brokerage firm. She is currently interning in the finance and development departments of a local development company that specializes in building office space. To compliment her studies and professional endeavors, she is also an active member of the San Antonio Conservation Society, the Urban Land Institute, and now CREW Network. Jenna finds the world of real estate to be exciting and she is overjoyed to be immersed in it each and every day.

Jessica Yoon

Hometown: New Orleans, La.
University: Graduate student at Columbia University
Major: MS - Real Estate Development

Jessica’s journey in commercial real estate can be traced back to her undergraduate education in Urban and Regional Studies at Cornell, where she became interested in how real estate developers shaped the built environment and contributed to the economic health of their cities. She gained experience working as a teacher in New Orleans before taking on the role of Marketing Manager at a design/build firm with in-house development. At Columbia, she is working to develop a full set of skills to lead new development projects to fruition. In the long term, Jessica sees herself utilizing public-private partnerships to develop large tracts of underutilized land for higher and better uses. Says Jessica, “Because development projects have a physical manifestation, their impact is much more than financial returns to a developer’s debt and equity partners. There is real potential to create value for cities and positively transform neighborhoods. I hope to be a leader in creating that value.”

2016 CREW Network Foundation scholars

Gianna Ciminello

Hometown: Scarsdale, N.Y.
University: Junior at Villanova University
Major: Finance & Real Estate

Gianna, a senior at Villanova University, is scheduled to graduate in May of 2017 with a degree in both Finance and Real Estate. Following her freshman year, Gianna pursued her business interest overseas in London by attending an 8-week summer program with EUSA while simultaneously gaining work experience as a sales and events intern at a 5-star boutique hotel. She credits her interest in commercial real estate to her experience as a property management intern for Related in NYC during the summer following her Sophomore year. The subsequent summer, she pursued a development internship at Pennrose in Philadelphia. She believes that her creative and entrepreneurial personality is a good fit as a development professional in the commercial real estate industry.

Outside the classroom, Gianna has found various ways of cultivating her leadership skills throughout positions on Villanova's Club Tennis team. She began as Secretary and then moved up to Tournament Director and finally she was elected President for her senior year. Gianna also plans to continue her position as a member of the Advisory Board for Villanova School of Business' Mentor Program and serve as a Peer Advisor for business students.

Gianna is confident that she will be able to foster her creativity in a unique way through commercial development. With her aptitude for learning and leading, she plans to use her skill set to produce the highest quality work and set an example for all other women interested in the real estate industry.

Sara Dir

Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
University: Senior at Queens University of Charlotte
Major: Business Administration

Sara Dir, a senior majoring in Business Administration at Queens University of Charlotte, was first exposed to the world of real estate during an internship with Shook Kelley, an architectural design firm based in Charlotte, NC. During her time interning, she could not resist flipping through the countless magazines and booklets around her that touched on real estate, placemaking and the positive socio-economic implications that thoughtful planning could have on a community. Sara’s second encounter with the world of real estate was during the UCREW Table Talk panel event at Queens University. Sara learned that she could use her knowledge and experience in areas such as entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and business analytics to add value to the world of real estate.

She sees commercial real estate as a means of connecting the world together in a meaningful way. Sara states that, “Real estate has the ability to influence how people relate to one another and I find this to be very powerful. My interest in this industry lies in my personal philosophy that collaboration is integral to healthy communities and using design to unite others can have beneficial consequences…I understand that diversity enriches a community and can bring it closer together, but that it all begins with real estate.”

Sara’s background includes several leadership roles such Student Government President and Rotaract President. As graduation approaches in May of 2017, Sara is excited to be completing her degree and looking forward to beginning a career in real estate

Elena Gonzalez

Hometown: Miami, Fla.
University: Graduate student at the University of Miami
Major: MS - Real Estate Development & Urbanism

Elena is a graduate student at University of Miami. She obtained her Bachelors degree in Architectural Engineering in 2014 and is scheduled to earn her Masters in Real Estate Development and Urbanism in August 2017. Elena began learning about the industry early in life as her parents, both civil engineers, worked in construction and on multiple community development projects in Venezuela. She seeks to contribute her technical skillset and creativity on projects that include the development of thriving communities. Says Elena, “My interest in commercial real estate lies in the built space, the development of the structures in which we live, that shape and define our cities, and shelter our dreams”.

Elena is currently interning in Sabal Hill, a local development firm where she performs design and feasibility studies for mixed-use projects. She is assisting with the planning and pre-construction work on an office building slated to begin construction in Q1 2017. In addition to her internship work, Elena is an active student member of the Urban Land Institute, CREW-Miami, and USGBC. She is committed to sustainable practices and sees herself filling the gaps of communities by revitalizing and creating value through unique infill projects. Elena is passionate about the synergy of real estate and urbanism and is ready to embrace urban challenges with solutions that will transform neighborhoods.

Christine Grandin

Hometown: Coral Gables, Fla.
University: Senior at Rollins College
Major: Economics

Christine is a senior at Rollins College, majoring in Economics and minoring in Spanish and Sociology. She has been passionate about real estate for some time. Her passion for real estate grew while she was studying abroad in London during the fall of 2015, interning as a property analyst at Pro Capital, a real estate investment company. Christine is a leader on campus at Rollins, acting as the President of the Academic Honor Council. Outside of school, Christine has a love for yoga. She completed her 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher certification in June and is now teaching yoga to children in Orlando. She looks forward to attending business school following her final year as an undergraduate, focusing on real estate. She welcomes the challenge of working with a national commercial broker during her internship next summer.

Macey Jacobs

Hometown: Yoakum, Texas
University: Senior at the The University of Texas - Austin
Major: Finance

Macey is a senior at The University of Texas at Austin studying finance with a concentration in real estate. She is heavily involved in the McCombs School of Business Undergraduate Real Estate program and currently serves as the Vice President of Marketing for the Undergraduate Real Estate Society. Macey’s passion for real estate began when she obtained her real estate salesperson’s license at age 18 and began working for a local apartment locating company. She has since had the opportunity to learn more about the real estate industry by interning with The Retail Connection and Brookfield Residential. Looking towards the future, Macey hopes to work in real estate development with a focus on mixed-use and master-planned developments. Says Macey, “Real estate is a relationship business where value can be derived from reputation and connectivity. I've worked hard to focus equally on my academic performance at UT Austin and on developing my network with real estate professionals through integrity and a diligent work ethic."

Kira Jordan

Hometown: Rutherford, N. C.
University: Junior at Queens University of Charlotte
Major: Business Administration

Kira is a junior at Queens University of Charlotte. She is majoring in Business Administration through the McColl School of Business. She has maintained a 4.0 grade point average and currently serves as the Vice President of the Business Club. Kira grew up in Western North Carolina where she developed a passion for sustainable development. She always knew that she wanted to pursue this passion, but did not know how to combine it with her love for business. After attending a CREW panel discussion held at her University, she discovered that commercial real estate provides the perfect arena for collaboration between these two fields. Kira’s hope for a sustainable future and her dedication to her field of choice guarantee the entrance of a bright entrepreneur into the commercial real estate industry. Says Kira, “Sustainable development is an emerging domain that is quickly entering all business fields. The more I learn about commercial real estate, the more I recognize my opportunity for assisting with the convergence of these sectors.”

Kristen Knapp

Hometown: Cedar Knolls, N.J.
University: Senior at New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate
Major: Real Estate

Kristen is a senior at NYU, majoring in Real Estate at the Schack Institute of Real Estate. Kristen’s interest in real estate began as a young girl and has developed through her education at NYU and varied work experiences. She has taken several courses in real estate finance, development, and law which has enabled her to obtain a holistic view and explore different business lines. At NYU, she founded the Real Estate Club and served as president for two years. In 2015, Kristen obtained her New York State Salesperson license, elevating her credentials and allowing her to take on new job opportunities. Kristen’s current interests are focused in development, capital markets, and operations. Kristen says she has built a unique collection of experiences and influences and is excited to take that knowledge and explore the industry.

Madeline O’Donnell

Hometown: Marion, Iowa
University: Senior at the University of Northern Iowa
Major: Finance & Real Estate

Madeline is a senior at the University of Northern Iowa. She will graduate in May of 2017 with majors in real estate and finance. She credits her interest in commercial real estate to the first real estate course she took, and her interest has grown as she has seen the way her interests in architecture, finance, and market trends influence commercial real estate investments. Through her internship and work opportunities, she has gained experience in acquisition evaluation, trend analysis, and portfolio management. She plans to continue to use these skills in her future by working as an asset manager for a commercial real estate firm, and looks forward to inspiring other women to pursue careers in commercial real estate.

Cara Riordan

Hometown: Montclair, N.J
University: Graduate student at the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Major: MS - Urban Planning

Urban planning and its intricacies caught Cara's interest early, growing up in metropolitan New York City and observing firsthand the connections between how people lived and worked, and the seemingly subtle but crucial role of proper planning in their day. She earned her BA in Urban and Regional Planning, with a concentration in Environmental Economics and Law, and Statistics, at the University of Illinois in 2016, graduating with a GPA of 3.82 and as a James Scholar. She is one of three in her program invited to matriculate in the school's Masters in Urban Planning program, where she now has a GPA of 3.91 en route to graduating in May 2017. Cara has strengthened her academic foundation with key internships, gaining practical understanding and respect for the countless and complex planning decisions made each day. She has experience in the public and private sector of planning, first interning with the Illinois municipalities of Champaign and Urbana during the school year, and most recently working on the Hudson Yards Redevelopment in Manhattan with The Related Companies. Cara's interests extend to her community as well. In addition to being involved with the American Planning Organization, Student Planning Organization and Planners Network, she is a founding member of her university's Club Field Hockey Team, and an active member of Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity. Cara looks forward to a career in real estate that puts planning at its fore, creating spaces where we love to work, live and play.

Breanna Sheeler

Hometown: Perkiomenville, Pa.
University: Junior at Philadelphia University
Major: Architecture

Breanna is a rising junior pursuing a professional bachelor’s degree in architecture at Philadelphia University. Her interest in real estate blossomed throughout high school with electives and extracurriculars focusing on architectural design. Her commitment to the field has developed into key leadership roles at the collegiate level and beyond. She aided in the founding of a mentorship and networking program for students in the architecture, construction, and engineering fields. This past spring she led a group of student and faculty representatives to a state-wide conference to recruit for Philadelphia University and encourage high school students aspiring in the fields of technology. Through work study as a research assistant, Breanna is helping to establish a new master's degree at Philadelphia University in real estate management. She hopes to be one of the first students to complete the new program, and believes it will be a great asset to her career.

Throughout her education Breanna has kept a keen focus on sustainable design, and intends to establish a practice focusing on adaptive reuse and renovation upon her graduation. She says, “Through my career I will renovate to increase efficiency and functionality, and support the economical sustainability of society. I will seek innovative responses to real-world issues, and pursue the essential betterment of my community and world.”

Rachael Smith

Hometown: Britt, Iowa
University: Junior at the University of Northern Iowa
Major: Real Estate

Rachael is a junior at the University of Northern Iowa located in Cedar Falls, Iowa majoring in real estate with a minor in ethics. She has maintained a 3.88 grade point average and is expected to graduate in May of 2017. She serves as the Vice President of Finance for the Rho Epsilon Real Estate Club at the University of Northern Iowa. Rachael credits her initial interest in real estate to job shadowing a residential saleswomen who is a good family friend, while she was in high school. This sparked her interest in real estate, and her real estate courses have firmly increased her interest and desire to succeed in the commercial side of the field. In the future, Rachael hopes to work within a commercial real estate firm. Currently, she is interested in property management and asset management, but she is open to change and looking forward to exploring the many career opportunities in real estate and finding the perfect fit for herself. She is looking forward to working alongside and helping other women succeed in the commercial real estate industry

Jessica Svehla

Hometown: Lincoln, Neb.
University: Senior at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Major: Interior Design

Jessica is entering her senior year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is majoring in Interior Design with a minor in Business Administration and is scheduled to graduate in May of 2017. She has been on the Dean’s List every semester, which recognizes the top 10% of the Architecture College. Jessica has also been involved in many University activities where she has taken on leadership roles. Currently Jessica is the President of the student chapter of ASID/IIDA. Through this involvement she has been able to foster professional relationships while developing leadership skills. Jessica has spent the summer working for an architecture firm in the Seattle area where she has gained valuable knowledge working with clients on project developments. Her interest in design and real estate can be traced back to her high school years where she had exposure to her local home builders association, as she was selected as the recipient of their design scholarship. In the future, Jessica looks forward to integrating her passion for design and real estate and finding the area of real estate where she can achieve this goal.

Catherine Welsh

Hometown: Burlingame, Calif.
University: Junior at Texas Christian University
Major: Interior Design

Callie, an aspiring Interior Designer, is in the John D. Roach Honors College at Texas Christian University. She is hoping to step out into the world and find her place in the design industry. She is interested in all things art and design related, and looks at life with an open mind. A candidate for her B.S. degree at TCU in 2017, Callie will be studying abroad in Florence during the Spring of 2016. Having also spent four years as a child in England, it is her goal to bring a global perspective to her design career. She is interested in the whole spectrum of design, from commercial to residential, and is drawn to the look-and-feel and the practical applications of hotels, office buildings, and other commercial spaces. In addition to Interior Design, Callie is also passionate about promoting social justice and leadership, and is on the Student Board of Directors for Lead NOW (Network of Women), a program for underclasswomen looking to strengthen their leadership skills. Callie is very pleased to be a member of CREW and looks forward to the career guidance and networking opportunities she might find.

Midori Wong

Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
University: Graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Major: MS - Real Estate Development

Midori is a candidate for Master of Science, Real Estate Development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She joins MIT from San Diego, California, where she built a career in high-profile management positions intersecting real estate, politics and public service.

Midori’s commitment to the commercial real estate field crystallized during her undergraduate education at the University of California, San Diego, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with top program honors in Urban Studies and Planning. “What we build profoundly impacts lives and reflects the history, attitudes and potential of our country,” she says, “and my professional purpose in real estate is clear: to become part of a generation of city builders who advance its progress.”

Through shepherding contentious projects through public approval processes, she has developed strong skills in communication, presentation and working with diverse constituencies. After graduating from MIT, she will seek a career in urban projects, including public-private partnerships, redevelopment and social impact investment.

Elizabeth Zhang

Hometown: Toronto, Ont.
University: Senior at Queen’s University
Major: Commerce

Elizabeth is entering her third year of undergraduate studies at Queen’s University in Canada, where she is interested in specializing in real estate development and investment theory. She became interested in the real estate sector after personal observations of the Toronto housing bubble. She is heavily involved in extra-curricular work at Queen’s, having been on the executive board of three different clubs in her second year. One of these organizations was the Queen’s Real Estate Association, in which she held the executive role of a Publications Director. For the upcoming academic year, Elizabeth is excited to be the Chief Financial Officer of the Queen’s Residence Society, dedicated to managing the housing operations of the University. Aside from her voluntary roles, Elizabeth worked in the summer of her first year at the Department of National Defense for the Canadian Federal Government, where she learned about military housing policies and worked on over 50 diverse case files regarding various housing issues. For the summer of her second year, Elizabeth is currently interning at Equitable Bank as a Residential Credit Mortgage funder, where she will be analyzing different mortgage deals and closing them under strict deadlines and time pressures. In the future, Elizabeth would like to obtain her OREA license and become a private part-time real estate agent to take advantage of the surge in demand for Toronto properties.

2017 CREW Network Foundation scholars

Kayla Aronson

Boca Raton, Fla.
Senior, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Business Administration

Aronson developed her passion for real estate in 2016 when she had the opportunity to work for Wells Fargo in its Commercial Real Estate group in Atlanta and quickly thereafter began immersing herself in the real estate courses offered at Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC. Kayla continued working for Wells Fargo Commercial Real Estate this summer in its New York office.

Claire Benken

Cincinnati, Ohio
Junior, University of Cincinnati
Real Estate & Marketing

Benken credits the development and revitalization of her own hometown as the catalyst in fostering her interest in commercial real estate. One of her career goals is working towards acquiring and converting historic buildings and properties to their highest and best use. “For me, great excitement in Cincinnati has come from old buildings with new purposes popping up all over the city,” she said. “I am continuously finding crossovers between the future of this city and the future of my own career.”

Emily Blumenthal

Chicago, Ill.
Graduate, University of Chicago
Business MBA

Blumenthial is a proud daughter of the Southside of Chicago, which inspired her to seek out practical solutions to the complex challenges facing urban communities. Prior to returning to Chicago for graduate school, she spent three years in Washington, DC working as an intern at the White House on the Domestic Policy Council’s Urban Affairs team; for the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program; and the Policy Advisory Group at the Urban Institute. She is pursuing an MBA to leverage the unique strengths of each sector to drive inclusive economic growth and urban development.

Taylor Casey

East Hartford, Conn.
Junior, New York Institute of Technology

A lifelong resident of Connecticut, Casey is an honor student and women’s soccer scholarship athlete at New York Institute of Technology. Having completed four years of internships at four different architecture firms, beginning in her senior year of high school, she is proficient in BIM, 3D Modeling, Cadd, Sketchup, Revit, Creative Cloud, and many other software programs. Her work on hospitality, corporate, financial, educational, healthcare and retail facilities sparked her interest in learning more about real estate development, which drove the direction of these projects.

Kristin (Katie) Cettie Steinberg

Amarillo, Texas
Graduate, University of California - Los Angeles
Urban/Regional Planning 

Cettie Steinberg is passionate about the role of technology in improving commercial real estate finance, analysis, and development. She is the founder of a commercial real estate analytics company, Kondor Analytics, which was selected for the Anderson Venture Accelerator’s inaugural class. She also worked for AECOM Ventures to commercialize modern technologies in the infrastructure and built environment space. Previously, she worked with the XPrize Foundation to develop a prize to spur innovation in green building and construction. “Real estate fascinates me because it encompasses economic, environmental, and social dynamics,” Cettie Steinberg said. “Real estate is a career that enables me to use both the left and right sides of my brain to create lasting impact.”

Madison Cuthbertson

Nashville, Tenn.
Junior, New York University
Real Estate

Cuthbertson says the undergraduate real estate program at NYU is positioning her for success in the fast-paced market in Manhattan as she learns from lauded real estate professors in the heart of the action. Upon graduating in two years, it is her goal to dive into the world of investment analysis or real estate development. She is a zealous urbanite and it is her long-term goal to be at the forefront of the next wave of transformation of cities.

Erica Goldman

Huntington, N.Y.
Senior, Emory University
Real Estate & Finance

Goldman is currently working as a summer financial analyst at Wells Fargo in the Commercial Real Estate group. She attributes her success to the real estate program and faculty at Emory University, her peers and mentors, and the strong women of CREW. Goldman looks forward to pursuing a career on the financial side of real estate working for a bank, investment firm, or broker, and hopes to own and manage her own real estate assets.

Linda Hucko

La Grange, Ill.
Senior, Marquette University
Commercial Real Estate & Accounting

As a collegian, Hucko has interned on the Corporate Finance team at Artisan Partners and in the audit practice of Deloitte & Touche. Currently, she is interning with Ansay Development Corporation gaining experience with market research, construction management and real estate accounting. Following graduation in May 2018, she will be obtaining her CPA license. “Working in the commercial real estate industry allows me to apply my financial skill set in a dynamic marketplace that has the ability to create long-lasting impact on the communities which we live in,” Hucko said.

Crystal Lye

Vancouver, B.C.
Senior, University of British Columbia
Real Estate - Commerce

Lye recently completed an eight-month internship with Bentall Kennedy as an investment management analyst, and is currently interning with JLL as a Capital Markets analyst in Vancouver. Grateful for the support--especially female support--she has received from so many professionals in the industry, one of her goals is to give back to the real estate community. She believes strongly in the CREW Network vision and is excited to become more fully engaged with the organization throughout her career.

Nicole Robertson

Northfield, N.J.
Graduate, University of Pennsylvania

Robertson is pursuing her MBA as a member of The Wharton School's Class of 2019 and has been honored with selection as a Wharton Forté Fellow. Through her exposure to and appreciation for cities like Philadelphia and New York City, to witnessing Washington, DC’s resurgence, her passion for urban redevelopment has consistently grown. Her experience in both public policy mandates and private sector solutions has heightened her sensitivity to both sectors. Robertson hopes to be a leader capable of transforming lives and landscapes through her real estate development and finance career.  

Marie Ruisard

Whitehouse Station, N.J.
Senior, Drexel University

In Drexel’s unique architecture program, students are given the opportunity to work full-time while attending classes toward their degree in the evening. Ruisard has been working as an intern architect with an architecture firm in Philadelphia for over three years, and believes that the skills she has gained in the office are setting her up for a successful early career. She believes strongly in sustainable design. “In my mind, my responsibility for the building does not end when fees are paid and drawings are completed,” Ruisard said. In the future, she hopes to be an architect-as-developer.

Lonna Sedam

Tipp City, Ohio
Senior, University of Cincinnati
Commercial Real Estate

Sedam began her real estate journey practicing residential real estate. Completing a various array of internships from residential real estate practice, development, brokerage, and property management, she has chosen to pursue commercial real estate brokerage. She will also complete two study abroad programs in London and India. Her goal is to facilitate the transition of property ownership in order to build an ecosystem where friends, families, and strangers can interact in a way that creates an environment which is sustainable, and conducive to catalytic start-up ideation.

Breanna Sheeler

Perkiomenville, Pa.
Senior, Philadelphia University

Through work study as a research assistant, Sheeler has established a new master's degree at Philadelphia University (now known as Thomas Jefferson University) in Real Estate Management. She hopes to be one of the first students to complete the new program. Sheeler has kept a keen focus on sustainable design, and intends to establish a practice focusing on adaptive reuse and renovation upon her graduation. “I will renovate to increase efficiency and functionality, and support the economical sustainability of society,” she said. “I will seek innovative responses to real-world issues, and pursue the essential betterment of my community and world.”

Emily Weiland

Imler, Pa.
Senior, Penn State University

Weiland aspires to combine her analytical skills and passion for real estate by working in the commercial real estate industry. She grew up with an interest in the field by watching her grandfather work in construction. She worked as a Banking Services Associate at First National Bank in college and as a Real Estate Banking intern at PNC. She looks forward to meeting and connecting with other women in CREW and taking advantage of new opportunities to propel her CRE career.

Skyler Wilson

Cincinnati, Ohio
Senior, University of Cincinnati
Real Estate

Wilson is majoring in Real Estate at the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business and minoring in Architectural Studies from UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP), while also beginning her Masters in Marketing as an undergrad. “I fell in love with real estate at a young age,” Wilson said. “To think that one day I will get to be a part of that change and work in an industry that plays such a large role in our economy is humbling.”


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