CREW Network Foundation scholars

Congratulations to our 2008 scholarship recipients


The CREW Network Foundation Scholarship program supports future female leaders as they pursue university-level education that will lead to careers in CREW Network's Qualified Fields of Commercial Real Estate.

Mahsa Allendet
Mahsa Allandet
Hometown: Cumming, Georgia
University: Georgia State University
Focus of study: Real Estate and Finance
Kristin Bush
Kristin Bush
Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
University: University of St. Thomas
Focus of study: Real Estate and Economics
Susan Davis
Susan Davis
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
University: University of British Columbia
Focus of study: Commerce and Real Estate
Valerie DePanValerie DePan
Valerie DePan
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
University: Portland State University 
Focus of study: Community Development and Real Estate Development
Sarah Gall
Sarah Gall
Hometown: Tustin, California
University: California State University Fullerton
Focus of study: Business Administration and Finance
Quiana Gough
Quiana Gough
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
University: University of Baltimore
Focus of study: Real Estate and Economic Development
Jessica Hull
Jessica Hull
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
University: University of Denver
Focus of study: Real Estate and Construction Management
Jennifer Layton
Jennifer Layton
Hometown: Glastonbury, Connecticut
University: University of Connecticut
Focus of study: Finance, Real Estate and Urban Economics
Alexandrea Underhill
Alexandra Underhill
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
University: University of Georgia
Focus of study: Business Administration
Meredith Wolff
Meredith Wolff
Hometown: Cypress, Texas
University: Southern Methodist University 
Focus of study: Real Estate Finance, Economics and Financial Applications


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