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Office Council

This council is focused on the commercial real estate specialty of office

This Council includes individuals who work in the office asset class. Individuals may represent any discipline in the office space including but not limited to brokerage, development, construction, title, financing, etc. The Office Council will explore issues related to office space, availability, transformation, and the future of the office.

CREW Councils are small, intimate peer groups within CREW Network that enable members to develop relationships, exchange knowledge, and do business with each other. Councils expand upon and enhance your CREW membership and other professional networking and information resources, delivering the competitive advantage you need to maximize your business potential.

The annual council fee is USD $600 and payable with CREW membership dues. The fee covers in-person meeting expenses, administrative support, and the online community. The council meets once a year in-person in April and more frequently via Zoom.

Applications to join this council are now open. Please apply by 11 p.m. ET on Dec. 1, 2023.

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