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Learning Excursion

Orlando: The Epicenter of Modeling and Simulations - The Element that Intersects Hospitality, Life Sciences and Defense

Date SEPT. 27, 2019
Time 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Fee$55 USD

Simulation-based technology has been a key ingredient to Orlando’s economy since it was developed to take man to the moon. Today, the technology spans many of Orlando’s core industries from aviation, aerospace and defense to education, healthcare and even gaming. Orlando-based companies and organizations secure $6 billion in contracts annually involving modeling, simulation and training (MS&T). Thanks to organizations like the National Center for Simulation and TEAM Orlando, the region is also an ambitious playground for collaboration between academic institutions, business partners and military defense organizations. Proximity to UCF, the second largest university and one of the top engineering schools in the U.S., is also a key ingredient to this success.

Rob Catto, Full Sail University
Scott Faris, Luminar Technologies, Inc.
Luis Garcia, Full Sail University
Chance Glasco, Doghead Simulations
Elbert Perez, Doghead Simulations

This tour is not ADA accessible.

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