Jill Donovan

Jill Donovan
Founder and CEO, Rustic Cuff

CREW Network Featured Speaker

There are two simple but strong words that describe Jill Donovan perfectly, “passionate“ and “purposeful”.  Founder of Rustic Cuff and author of The Kindness Effect, Jill graduated from Oral Roberts University and went on to earn her law degree from the University of Tulsa. She is married to Terry, her college sweetheart and has two beautiful daughters.  

Jill was a practicing attorney and adjunct law professor at TU when her passion for cuff bracelets, and her need to refill her ‘gift closet’ led her to begin Rustic Cuff. The brand has evolved into multiple showroom locations, over 150 employees, and a very strong, loving, social media fan base that feel a true connection with her! Her cuffs are regularly featured on multiple national TV shows and can be seen on the wrists of many celebrities such as Miranda Lambert, Gayle King, and even her all time favorite singer, Michael BublĂ©.

Jill’s heart for people and community has spilled over into this amazing company. Rustic Cuff has been able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to communities and charitable causes and hosted an annual black-tie event, that raised more money for the National Pancreatic Foundation than any other event in its history!

From a very young age, Jill has met life with humor and zeal.  Her determination to be well rounded, led her to challenge herself to master a new talent every year.  Whether it is learning a new language, tap dancing, ice skating, or simply setting a goal for herself that to some may seem unreachable, one thing is for certain...Jill is a walking example of living out the quote, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” 

Jill is a sought-after motivational speaker who encourages people to pursue their passions, fulfill their God-given purpose, and always pay it forward!  She is often heard saying, “You truly can change your world… one act of kindness at a time.”

Donovan will speak during the Opening General Session at the 2020 CREW Network Convention.