Revathi Roy

Revathi Roy
Pioneer of Asia’s First Women's Cab Services

CREW Network Featured Speaker


Revathi Roy, one of Fortune India’s 50 Most Powerful Women in 2019, pioneered Asia’s first women's cab service, ForShe, in 2007. Since 2016, she has run Hey Deedee, a delivery service that employs underprivileged women. To solve India’s last-mile problem, Roy recruited an all-women fleet to deliver parcels and packages on both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, partnering with companies such as Amazon and Pizza Hut.

Roy’s start-ups have been driven by the central ethos of women’s empowerment. She has been recognized globally for her empowering entrepreneurship and has been featured on the cover of Forbes India. Roy will be the subject of a movie produced by John Abraham and based on the book about her life, Who Is Revathi Roy?.

Roy will speak during the Opening Session at the 2020 CREW Network Convention.