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Mega Session

Disrupt Your Leadership Super Power

Date SEPT. 17, 2020
Time 2 - 3 PM (CDT)
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When you are a woman leading change, the deck is stacked against you. Women who disrupt the status quo are a special breed of leaders. We are comfortable with being uncomfortable. We also know that we cannot get to the finish line alone. Dr. Patti Fletcher has studied and worked with some of the most successful female disrupters in the world to find out what sets them apart. She will share the most critical mindset, leadership, teamwork, and engagement tools you can use to accelerate change and create the world you want to live in. 2020 CREW Network Convention attendees will take-away:

  • Inspiration to see themselves as key leaders who lift all boats as they rise.
  • Enablement to understand what they can do to achieve their career dreams while paving a path for the women walking behind them.
  • Action plan with specific steps that can be put into practice starting in the room and carried forth from that day onward.

Dr. Patti Fletcher

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Q&A Facilitator:
Jackie Orcutt, CBRE | Industrial Brokerage

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