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Roundtable Discussion

Office: Flexibility and Design

Date SEPT. 17, 2020
Time 1 - 2 PM (CDT)
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Here we go again… the pendulum is swinging the other way and employers are considering or currently bringing telecommuters back to an office setting. What does this mean for the office market, space footprints, etc.? What amenities are being implemented to ease that transition and better develop a sense of culture and community in the office? In this discussion, you will learn the CRE impact and opportunities available as employers call remote employees back to the office, including:

  • How co-working has influenced the perception of office space and how to adapt

  • How to optimize human connection and drive innovation

  • Amenities – draws, duds, ROI and how to use amenities to develop culture and community

Rachel Rouse, HOK
Kay Sargeant, HOK

Sponsored by CREW New York


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