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Mega Session

The Year that Changes Everything

Date SEPT. 17, 2020
Time 2 - 3 PM (CDT)
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From COVID-19 to social unrest, from stay-in-place to working remotely, from social distancing to evolving new patterns of consumerism, and from furloughs, layoffs, severe economic impacts to unprecedented stimulus initiatives…2020 reshaped and transformed real estate forever. You are invited to join noted Strategic Advisor and Futurist, Christopher Lee, in a fast-paced look at where we are today, what is ahead for 2021 and beyond. Mr. Lee will share unique insights, key trends, predictions and “future proofing” strategies every real estate company should consider. 2020 is the year that has changed everything…you will want to hear what is just around the corner as we get ready for 2021 and beyond.

Christopher Lee, CEL & Associates, Inc.

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Q&A Facilitator:
Angie Earlywine, Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Sponsored by Camden