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Innovation in the Built Environment:  AI, Robotics, Automation

Date SEPT. 21, 2023
Time 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM (EDT)
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Future advancements in technologies are coming at an unprecedented pace, with major disruption taking place across numerous industries like never before. While commercial real estate can sometimes be slow to adopt, there is no doubt that this advancement in technology has the potential to facilitate significant change in how we build, invest, operate, and transact our buildings. Please join James Scott, research scientist, lecturer, and Director of the MIT CRE Real Estate Transformation Lab, who will present on how advancements in Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and Automation are driving the next wave of innovation across the commercial real estate industry. If you want to see the next frontier, attend this session and bring back cutting-edge insights for your team, company, and clients.

Featured speaker
James Scott, Research Scientist, lecturer and Director of the Real Estate Transformation Lab at MIT’s Center for Real Estate

  James Scotte

James Scott is a Research Scientist, lecturer, and Director of the Real Estate Transformation Lab at MIT’s Center for Real Estate, with a primary focus on real estate automation and technology. MIT’s Center for Real Estate has a 37-year history of pioneering research and thought leadership that trains generations of professionals to capitalize on today’s dynamic markets, understand transformative technologies, and facilitate sustainability goals using its insights from around the globe. Among other positions, James is also an Innovator-In-Residence’ for IREM (the Institute of Real Estate Management), where he identifies new technologies that help IREM members operate their buildings more efficiently, improve their properties’ competitive positioning, and better serve clients. James has written numerous industry papers and gives regular presentations globally on automation, ‘Proptech, and the future of innovation in the industry. James combines a background in commercial real estate with a unique understanding of real estate technology to identify the products and processes that will provide the future spaces in which people will want to live and work.

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