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Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader: Inspiring Self and Others

Date MAY 12, 2023
Time 8 AM – 4 PM CST
FeeIncluded in Registration

In this full-day session you will:

  • Build self-awareness and insight to identify behavior strengths and derailers
  • Articulate a “north star”
  • Develop key leadership skills:
    • Self-awareness (e.g. strengths, values, and needs)
    • Self-management (e.g. resilience and goal setting)
    • Other awareness (e.g. listening)
    • Relationship management (conflict management and communication styles)

The training will be divided into six parts:

  1. Setting the Foundation - An overview of the goals for the day to foster an understanding of the session objectives.
  2. Deep Dive into Self-Awareness - To be an inspirational leader, you need to first understand your own strengths, values and needs.
  3. Deep Dive into Self-Management: A leader can only be a steward when she manages and brings her best self forward. Learn tools and strategies to better manage oneself.
  4. Deep Dive into Other Awareness - Leaders must learn to develop and inspire followers. To empower others, a leader needs to develop insight into the strengths values and needs of the people who they lead.
  5. Deep Dive into Relationship Management - Leaders must learn how to work effectively with other people.
  6. Summary We will review the key learnings from the day and participants will highlight critical takeaway message.


Dr. Gail Berger
Dr. Gail Berger
Ph.D., Deputy Director of Kellogg Center of Executive Women, Clinical Associate Professor of Executive Education at Northwestern University