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Positively Energizing Leadership: The Science of Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Date JAN. 25, 2023
Time 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Emma Seppälä, Ph.D, Yale University School of Management

Data shows that emotionally intelligence, mindful, compassionate and positive leadership is more effective, leading to greater productivity, lower turnover and a happier and more loyal workplace. This daylong workshop also discusses ways in which leaders can become their best selves. To provide an overview of the field of emotional intelligence.

  1. To demonstrate the science behind why emotional intelligence makes for more powerful leadership and a better work culture.
  2. To deliver science-backed tools and techniques to increase emotional intelligence.
  3. To demonstrate the science of social connection and its impact on personal and professional success
  4. To provide research back tools for greater communication and high-quality connections
  5. To offer an opportunity to practice high-quality connection
  6. To provide data on how and why positive leadership is more effective leadership
  7. To explain what positive leadership is and what its results show
  8. To provide science-backed techniques on how to be a positively energizing leader
  9. To provide data showing participants exactly what their strengths are, as reported by their peers and colleagues
  10. To demonstrate scientifically why people respond to strengths-based feedback better than deficiency approaches
  11. To show participants how to maximize career potential by understanding personal strengths