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Professional Development: Navigating Crucial Conversations

Date FEB. 11, 2021
Time 11 AM - 1 PM (CST)
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Learn game-changing communication skills for powerful professional and personal impact

This interactive keynote will strengthen your conversational competence in even the most difficult interactions—without exhausting yourself or alienating others. You will learn and practice techniques to:

  • build safety to create authentic communication
  • self-manage in the face of strong emotions
  • focus and balance content
  • engage in intentional listening to save time, increase understanding and resolve issues

Featured Speaker

Karen Curnow

Karen Curow, Compass International
Compass International Founder Karen Curnow is an internationally recognized authority in developing powerful, compassionate leaders. Her work with senior executives, teams, and coaches supports world changers in creating impact that matters. Curnow has served as executive and team coach, consultant, university professor, and training director.

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