CREW Dues Renewal


Why can’t I submit my payment online? There could be two reasons:



The most common reason is the use of Internet Explorere (IE) as your web browser. IE is no longer supported by any website, nor recommended as a browser by Microsoft. In other words, if you still use Internet Explorer, you should stop. IE has been replaced by Microsoft Edge.

Do not use Internet Explorer

Google Chrome is the most reliable browser for payment of CREW invoices.

Google Chrome icon

Make Chrome your default browser



Members of the following chapters will not be able to access renewal invoices via the CREW Network website. Contact your chapter administrator or president for instructions on how to renew.

Where do I find my membership renewal invoice?


Your renewal invoice is located on the CREW Network website under the Transactions tab on the My Account page.

Where to find a CREW Network renewal invoice online

Can I download my invoice? Can I pay my invoice online?


You can do either! Watch this one minute video to quickly learn how to download an invoice or add it to your online shopping cart.

Since 2021 membership is a benefit in the 2021 calendar year, I am required to pay it in 2021. How can I do that if my membership expires on Dec. 31?


Your 2020 membership expires on Dec. 31, however there is a 45-day grace period in which you will continue to receive membership benefits. Submit payment before Feb. 15 to ensure there is not a lapse in membership benefits.

My accountant/assistant needs to submit payment for my membership dues. Can they access the invoice?


No. Only members can access their invoice online. See above instructions to download the invoice so you can provide to others for payment.

I was laid off in 2020 due to the pandemic. Is there a way for me to continue to utilize my network to find new employment?


Yes. CREW Network will extend the grace period that is provided, giving members affected by the pandemic through the end of June 2021 to submit their full dues payment.



Christa Lovitt
CREW Network Membership Coordinator
+1 (785) 856-8284