Our Strategic Plan

The Goals of CREW Network's Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan will guide our organization’s work over the next 1-3 years, focusing on four strategic goals that support our mission, vision and core values.

CREW Network Past President Colette Engish Dixon

Goal 1

Influence and Engagement of Members

CREW Network is the premier resource and referral network whose members are acknowledged as business generators and leaders. They are sought out for their expertise, stature and influence in the global commercial real estate industry and have achieved parity in compensation and in leadership positions.

CREW UK members networking

Goal 2

Value and Benefits of Membership and Sponsorship

Members and sponsors have a significant competitive advantage over nonmembers because of the networking, leadership, and professional development opportunities available to them through CREW Network.

2017 CREW Network President Alison Beddard speaking at the CREW UK launch event.

Goal 3

Industry Leadership

CREW Network and its members are recognized as critical to the success of the global commercial real estate industry. 

CREW Network Industry Research

Goal 4

Knowledge Source

CREW Network will produce and be recognized globally as the leader in conducting and delivering relevant research about women in the commercial real estate industry.

Our Mission

To transform the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally

Our Core Values

Leadership: a comprehensive approach to develop and exhibit the best qualities of collaborative leadership
Excellence: the highest standards and integrity in business
Influence: the power to be an agent of positive change
Community: support, assistance and loyalty to others in a multi-disciplinary organization
Advancement: leadership development, education, and opportunities
Networking: giving and getting business across the Network