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January 23, 2020
Written by: Wendy Mann, CAE, CREW Network CEO

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I remember my first trip out of the United States. I was around 9 years old. We had visited northwestern New York, an area some of you may know—Chautauqua Lake—for our family vacation. There were six kids and two parents, so all vacations came in the form of driving. We drove from northwestern New York across the Peace Bridge into Toronto, Canada. I was too young to realize I was in another country, but when I think back, I feel very fortunate that our parents gave us the opportunity to experience something different. 

Fast forward to my adult years and I experienced several new countries that have left me hungry for more. Why? Because I am interested in understanding other cultures, their history and their people. There is so much to learn from older countries—especially their formations, beliefs and business. It is my curiosity that drew me to Spain, Japan, Hungary, Austria, Ireland, France and England. What can I learn from people in other countries? How can I learn about and appreciate their journey? What can we teach one another? 

Recently, CREW Network held its first meeting of women in India led by the incomparable Pallavi Shrivastava, Associate Director, Cushman & Wakefield, Mumbai. I “Skyped” into the meeting and was impressed by the executive women in the room—leading commercial real estate women spearheading an opportunity for all industry women to get connected to our global network and to one another. This is what we are all about.

CREW Network roundtable and networking event in Mumbai, India on Jan. 16. 

CREW Network’s global expansion means that commercial real estate women everywhere can be connected to share ideas, learn from one another and support each other. What a tremendous opportunity we have to create a dynamic, diverse, meaningful, mosaic of individuals seeking knowledge and understanding, building their career and network through our organization. 

Think about your international travel. Where have you gone and what have you learned? Why did you choose that country to visit? You were curious and wanted to experience something new and different, right?

Let’s get more curious about one another. Let’s build connections and understanding. Even if your business is only conducted in the U.S. or Canada, imagine what you might learn from women in India, the U.K., France and Germany. Just as with our affiliate CREW UK, we have an amazing opportunity to grow our network and learn how women in other countries navigate their commercial real estate journey. Be part of our mosaic—connect with us and watch your network grow. 


Wendy Mann, CAE

Wendy Mann is the chief executive officer of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Network and president of the CREW Network Foundation.

Twitter: @crew_wendym


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