What We Learn by Elevating Women’s Voices

March 10, 2023
Written by: Guest Author

When you grow up an “Army brat,” you learn how to adapt and fit into new situations regularly. As an adult, the lessons of my childhood serve me well. My ability to adapt to change and resiliency is a natural way of being for me. I appreciate and value my upbringing now in ways I could not as a child.

I understand the challenge of meeting new people and connecting. As a child, I was constantly thrown into new situations that required me to adapt, understand and connect with new kids to make friends. 

I recall living in Germany and facing not only a language barrier but also the cultural differences. It gave me a great appreciation for differences and drove my curiosity to learn from and about others. I still embrace the philosophy that everyone around me has something to teach me if I am open to learning—and I am.

As I consider the CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit held in late January, my reflection of my upbringing mirrors the energy of the gathering. Participants engaged in high energy discussions, connected with those new to the event and celebrated the relationships built over time. I witnessed the value of CREW Network at work with each introduction, welcome and bond. 

Our Network is unique because we value the differences in people and break down barriers that enable us to deepen business relationships for greater opportunity. We elevate the voice of women throughout the industry by creating space to conduct business together and appreciate the differences in each of us. 

Speaking of women’s voices, CREW Network’s new industry research, CREW View: CRE Women Speak, highlights women’s perspectives on the industry. For the first time ever, women’s voices will help frame discussions and debates about business opportunities, economic impact, and challenges ahead. Take a read and share the report with your team. 

I look forward to our year ahead and meeting many more of our members at a future CREW Network event!


Alyssa Dangler

Alyssa Dangler is a Partner at Williams Mullen and 2023 CREW Network President.

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