Strengthening You, Strengthening CREW: A Winter Leadership Summit Perspective

February 9, 2018
Written by: Jenn Stuart, CREW Charlotte
Networking and idea sharing at the 2018 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit.

My arrival at the 2018 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit in Tucson, Ariz., was met with sunshine, warm temps and gorgeous terrain nestled in a canyon. It was also met with unmatched dynamic content, chapter best practices, and endless, energetic connections. I continue to be amazed by CREW Network as an organization and the impact it has on me professionally and personally.

My most valuable takeaway was engaging with chapter leaders sharing best practices on various topics, including CREW Careers/career outreach to students, mentoring and member engagement. We had “open speak” in a small-group environment to discuss initiatives, chapter successes and challenges, and what leaders are doing to provide value to members while establishing and building a presence in the community. It is wonderful to hear that chapters are thriving! Their programs are dynamic, events are sold out, members are flourishing and their chapters are growing.

NEW Session! Members sharing best practices and ideas during Chapter Exchange.


Outside of chapter leader development, experts focused on leadership and development training with Marsha Petrie Sue (“the Muhammad Ali” of personal development) and Bonnie Marcus, Certified Executive Coach. They helped us understand others around us and ourselves, adaptability to styles and environment, authentic leadership and valuable actions to put in place today. The takeaways were endless!

2018 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit speaker Bonnie Marcus
Presenter Bonnie Marcus on the Politics of Promotion

Leadership Summits are not just for delegates! Participating in summits strengthens your personal and professional development, but also strengthens our CREW chapters. As we consider how best to spend our time away from family, work, and friends, events that offer us both personal and professional development opportunities move up on the priority list. The opportunity to network with my chapter, my company, and other rock stars in the industry is invaluable.

CREW Charlotte feels strongly about helping our members realize the power of CREW Network to make our chapter and the organization stronger as a whole. Hands down, the most effective way we’ve found to achieve this is to offer our members scholarships for Leadership Summits and the CREW Network Convention and Marketplace. We had eight members from Charlotte join us in Tucson! Once a member attends, they bring so much valuable information back to the chapter, returning with a renewed passion for creating connections and advancing women in the commercial real estate industry. The smaller, more intimate networking opportunities are my favorite part.

We look forward to seeing you in Cleveland and San Diego!

View Leadership Summit photos in our Flickr gallery and event documents and slides in CREWbiz (CREW Network members only).

Jenn StuartJenn Stuart focuses on business development and client relations for Holder Construction Company – a top ENR ranked general contractor, focusing on not trying to be the biggest, but consistently striving to be the best by remaining true to our core markets. Our pursuit of excellence drives every effort and every project, and has resulted in 85% of our business coming from repeat clients. Stuart is a CREW Charlotte board member and serves on the CREW Network Communications and Editorial Committee.