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CREW Network Code of Conduct

CREW Network is a professional organization dedicated to accelerating the success of women globally. As such, it expects proper decorum, respect, and integrity of all members to abide by a code of conduct. The following Code applies to individuals of all genders, both members and nonmembers, and all persons who volunteer or participate in a CREW Network or a CREW chapter event. 

As a gender-based organization, our priority is to ensure women and those who identify as a woman, as well as all individuals, are treated with respect emotionally, mentally, and physically. There is zero tolerance for someone who speaks inappropriately or acts in a manner that is disrespectful or in an unwanted manner, sexual or otherwise. 

Individuals will abide by the following: 

1. Act professionally in all situations. 

  • Maintain a professional level of courtesy, respect, and objectivity in all matters and activities. 

  • Strive to uphold and assist others in upholding the highest standards of conduct. 

  • Comply with all state, federal, and local laws applicable to any given situation. 

  • At events, including socials, programs, and golf outings, all individuals, including participants, leaders, and volunteers will: Speak respectfully and without discrimination or innuendo and be responsible in the consumption of alcohol and/or other drugs. 

  • Any individual who behaves in a manner inconsistent with these expectations may be asked to leave and future event participation or volunteer service may be restricted. 

2. Respect and honor the purpose of the organization. 

  • CREW is a professional organization dedicated to advancing women, and those who identify as women, in commercial real estate. All behavior, language, and activity should serve to advance this purpose. 

3. Act in a manner that reflects the values of the organization. 

An individual’s behavior should encourage these values and make people feel welcomed:

  • Inclusivity: A diverse, multi-disciplinary, and welcoming global community. 

  • Trust: A credible partner, delivering services with integrity and excellence. 

  • Collaboration: Committed to connections through networking. 

  • Influence: Respected and recognized for thought leadership. 

4. Be accountable for their personal behavior in any situation involving the association. 

  • Take personal responsibility for all actions, including action taken while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

5. Speak respectfully about and to all professionals, women, and men, in the organization. 

  • Any language that is harassing, demeaning, or defaming will not be tolerated. 

  • Defamatory and/or discriminatory language toward any individual, company, or organization will not be tolerated. 

6. Refrain from sexual harassment and/or any inappropriate behavior

  • Any behavior or innuendo that is unwanted or untoward will not be tolerated. 

7. Governance 

  • Faithfully abide by the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and policies of the organization. 

  • Exercise reasonable care, good faith, and due diligence in governing and managing affairs. 

  • Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information that may result in a perceived or actual conflict of interest. 

  • Serve in leadership with impartiality and expect no personal benefits from serving. 

8. Honor confidentiality. 

  • Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information. 

  • Respect board/leadership decisions and act in a united manner. 

9. Collaborate and cooperate within the volunteer structure. 

  • Respect the diversity of opinions as expressed or acted upon by the organization board, committees, and membership, and formally register dissent as appropriate. 

  • Promote collaboration, cooperation, and partnership among organization members. 

10. Forge genuine connections by engaging in personable networking.

  • Refrain from sending unsolicited emails to CREW members.

  • Building trusted, professional relationships requires genuine connection and personalized communication, which fosters mutual respect and rapport among members.

Code of Conduct Violations 

If a person violates the Code of Conduct, the chapter and/or CREW Network has the right to: 

  • Conduct a formal investigation. 

  • Restrict further access to events. 

  • Remove the individual from membership. 

  • Restrict the individual from future membership in CREW chapters or as at at-large member. 

By adhering to this Code of Conduct, we contribute to creating a positive and inclusive environment for everyone. 

CREW Network reserves the right to modify this Code of Conduct as needed both for CREW Network and all Chapter affiliates. 

Revision Date: April 2024

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