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Own Your Worth: Strategies to Gain Confidence and Achieve Success as a Woman in CRE

from5:00 PM to - 6:00 PM UTCZoom
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Learn How to Negotiate Your Compensation Like A Pro 

Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to make your voice heard in the workplace and advocate for your own advancement. Join this exclusive CREW Network discussion with Claire Wasserman, educator, author, and founder of Ladies Get Paid, a platform, global community, and book that gives women the tools to own their worth and expand their wealth. With a master's Certificate in Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance, she has dedicated her career to empowering women to advocate for themselves and achieve the success they deserve.

Join CREW Network for a transformative two-part series to dive deep into the strategies and tools needed to become a self-advocacy superstar. Topics of this series will include:

  • Mindset Shift & Positive Self-Talk: Learn how to combat internal roadblocks like imposter syndrome and perfectionism to gain professional confidence and visibility.

  • Market Research & Preparation: Learn how to conduct thorough market research to understand your value within the industry and develop the ability to link your contributions directly to the business's bottom line.

  • Making the Pitch & Getting the Career You Deserve: Equip yourself with effective scripts and actionable strategies to approach negotiations with confidence and achieve your professional goals. 

Walk away equipped with the tools, talking points, and courage to become the unapologetic, assertive professional you were born to be and get the money you deserve.

Don’t miss this two-part series of empowerment, inspiration, and self-discovery

Key takeaways

  • Get your head in the game - how to view negotiating as an opportunity and a skill. 

  • Understand your market value and prepare a negotiation framework. 

  • Tell a compelling story of how your impact can be quantifiably linked to your business's bottom line. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Tell your story - Build a foundation for self-advocacy by redefining and reclaiming your worth 

  • Build your case throughout the year - Track and articulate your strengths and accomplishments 

  • Scripts for what to say (and how to work through your nerves!) 

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