Impact Awards

Excellence and achievement in commercial real estate

The CREW Network Impact Awards recognize achievements of its members that are considered exceptional in the following categories: Member-to-Member Business, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Economic & Community Improvement, and Career Advancement for Women.

The 2018 CREW Network Impact Award winners will be recognized Oct. 18 and 19 at the CREW Network Convention and Marketplace in San Diego, Calif.

2018 Impact Awards timeline

  • Nominations will be accepted between Feb. 5 - April 13

  • Winners will be notified via phone the week of June 25-29

  • Winners will be recognized on Oct. 18 and 19 at the convention in San Diego, Calif.
Member-to-Member Business

CREW Network Member-to-Member Business Impact Award

The Member-to-Member Business Impact Award honors a CREW Network member who exemplifies the power and spirit of CREW Network and consistently demonstrates an extraordinary commitment assembling member talent, resulting in measurable business for other CREW Network members.




Entrepreneurial Spirit

CREW Network Entrepreneurial Spirit Impact Award

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Impact Award honors a CREW Network member who has achieved a unique career success or milestone as the result of taking a risk. The individual is willing to step outside of the box to create something new or different, and provide services, develop products, or improve practices by organizing, developing, or deploying available resources in an innovative way.




Economic & Community Improvement

CREW Network Economic and Community Improvement Impact Award

The Economic and Community Improvement Impact Award honors a CREW Network member or members who played a pivotal role in a real estate project that had a significant and measurable positive impact on the community.



Career Advancement for Women

CREW Network Career Advancement for Women Impact Award

The Career Advancement for Women Impact Award honors a CREW Network member who consistently exemplifies the organization’s commitment to elevating the status of women in commercial real estate by working to advance the careers of other women. This award is presented to a member whose actions had a significant impact on one or more women, giving them the skills or confidence to pursue and succeed in new opportunities.