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Get Involved

The more you put in, the more you get out of your CREW membership. Explore opportunities to get involved, grow, and give back with CREW. 

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Serve on a CREW Committee

Boost your leadership skills and expand your network while supporting our mission to advance women in commercial real estate. Connect and network with other dedicated members and gain valuable experience for leadership positions.
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Give Back Through Philanthropy

CREW members are passionate about giving back, contributing funds, time, and effort to philanthropic efforts that support our mission. Learn how you can make a positive impact in the industry and your community with CREW.

Nominate for Awards

CREW recognizes extraordinary leadership and success in commercial real estate through an annual awards program and special recognition events. Learn how you can nominate CREW members, advocates, allies, and industry leaders.

Volunteer for a Career Outreach Program

Career outreach is one of CREW’s four mission pillars. Learn how you can participate in a career outreach program to educate students about the many career opportunities in commercial real estate, or support scholarships in CRE.
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Donate to CREW Network Foundation

Established in 1998, our foundation is the only organization dedicating its resources solely to advancing women in commercial real estate. Learn how you can help us continue to inspire and impact the next generation of women in CRE.
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Participate in Mentoring

According to our industry research, one of the top barriers to women’s advancement in CRE is the lack of a mentor or sponsor. Find a mentor, become a mentor, or lend your expertise to one of our mentoring programs within CREW.
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Join CREW Councils

CREW Network Councils provide a unique forum for CREW members to engage with peers at the global level for business connections, potential deals and projects, knowledge exchange and insight sharing.

Sign our CRE Pledge for Action

As CEO, when you sign this pledge, you send a clear message to your team, partners and clients that you stand for women and DEI in the commercial real estate industry.