Kayden Manning

Kayden Manning
Senior Consultant, Consilio

Kayden Manning is a Senior Consultant at Consilio and brings a unique background in leadership education, classroom know-how, and sales acumen. Kayden earned her degree in International Leadership Studies from the McDonough Center for Leadership and Business. Proficient in Mandarin (at the time) Kayden struck off for Shanghai after graduation and soon found herself helming a large classroom of international kindergarteners . After her stint abroad Kayden discovered her enthusiastic and persuasive persona lent itself perfectly to what would become her new career: sales. She spent the better part of a decade spearheading her sales team at Education First, the world’s leading educational travel organization. As liaison between EF and Girls Scouts of the USA. Kayden had the pleasure of selling to clients of all different rank, motivation, personality types, and buyer profiles. Kayden became a top sales performer. Kayden lives in San Diego where she makes a point to soak up the sun and use her passport as much as possible. As a National Parks enthusiast, she can often be found hitting the trails in her own personal classroom: the great outdoors.

In her downtime, she can be found...

  • Helping people embrace discomfort to inspire growth
  • Inventing fun new ways to learn old tricks
  • Coaching others to be more effective, trusted, and adaptive team leaders
  • Championing her dedication to the sales process