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Course II - Leadership Presence with Rob Salafia

Date JUNE 21, 2023
Time 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Course Content

In this session, you will increase your confidence and find your voice to build and enhance your ability to connect and influence your team, organization and clients. Outcomes will include:

  1. Build your authentic presentation style
  2. Elevate your executive voice and presence
  3. Enable you to create connections and trust to become influential


Rob Salafia, Lecturer, Executive Education, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rob Salafia
Lecturer, Executive Education
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rob Salafia will use experiential teaching techniques to engage participants in learning executive leadership skills, how trust creates connections and language creates influence. Salafia believes in helping individuals lead from your best self. He is a member of the Executive Education coaching cadres for MIT’s Sloan Fellows, AMP and EMBA Programs and has worked closely with many Fortune 500 companies.