Sally Z

Sally Z
Host of This Moved Me

"Sally Z" is an award-winning speaker and speaker coach with a passion for helping purpose driven leaders create and deliver talks that move their audiences, and the world.

She is the host of This Moved Me, an Apple Podcast "New and Noteworthy" show on the art of public speaking, and has had the privilege of interviewing some of the biggest names in the industry, sharing
insights and inspiration with her audience. Sally has spoken in front of thousands of people, coached hundreds of speakers - and has been featured in dozens of media as an expert in the field of presentation and speaker development.

Sally has worked with a wide array of clients - from corporations like Viacom, Cargill, Nickelodeon and Thomson Reuters -to small agencies, entrepreneurs, authors and creatives. She offers Premium 1:1 Coaching, Speaking and Workshops – as well as online course offerings, webinars, and community support through her learning platform, Movers-U.

While most speaker coaches focus on creating more 'perfect' presentations, Sally's focus is on bringing human connection back to the front of the room through clear, compelling, authentic and intentional experiences.