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Leadership Summit Welcome and Leadership Training: On Brand = Unstoppable

Date JAN. 26, 2023
Time 9:15 AM – NOON (MST)
FeeIncluded in Registration

Learn how to build your brand with intention and purpose

Reputations can last an eternity, and winning brands don't happen by accident. As professionals and leaders, it is imperative to build our personal brand with intention and purpose while being mindful about how we're perceived by our clients, teams, and community.

This training will deliver:

  • New insights into how self-awareness and self-perception overwhelmingly impacts others perception of your brand and potential value in the relationship
  • Awareness of how using masculine and feminine energy when we communicate influences business results
  • Actionable resources and a game plan for how to show up more authentically, on brand, in any room
  • Strategies for how to deliver a deeper, more genuine impact in the rooms and relationships that matter most


Catie Campbell
Catie Campbell


Leadership Development Sponsor

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