CREW Network Committees

Volunteers are integral to our mission



Make plans to serve on a CREW Network committee

Serving on a CREW Network committee not only helps CREW Network fulfill its mission, but it also enhances your leadership skills and expands your network.

CREW Network committee applictions are accepted annually in the month of September. Applications will be available for the following CREW Network committees: Audit, Communications and Editorial, Finance, and Industry Research.  Review the committee descriptions and make a plan to apply in September of 2019.


Please note:
  • Members of the Member Education Committee are appointed by the CREW Network board of directors in the summer, for work on the following year's CREW Network Convention and Marketplace. 

  • Members of the Recognition Committee are appointed by the CREW Network board of directors. 

  • Scholarship Selection Committee members are selected from those chapters who are founding donors to the CREW Network Foundation Endowment.

  • Applications for the Nominating Committee are taken during December and January of each year. Five delegates are selected by the CREW Network board of directors and are confirmed by the delegates at the Winter Leadership Summit.  

  • The CREW Network Foundation chair, champion directors and officers are appointed by the CREW Network board of directors. 
  • Task forces are short-term committees focused on specific tasks originating from the CREW Network board and the chapter delegates. These task forces will be announced as the work is identified by the CREW Network board.


Julie Ramirez
CREW Network Operations Assistant
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