Mentoring Modules


Mentorship can be one of the most influential and powerful tools for a career in any industry, and leaders in commercial real estate frequently attest to the benefits of both mentoring others and being mentored. To support mentors and mentees within CREW Network, we offer member mentoring modules with tools, tips and techniques for principle-based learning and productive follow-through.

Goals of the member mentoring modules include:

  • Improve parity and diversity in a male-dominated industry.
  • Build a talent pipeline for future female professionals in commercial real estate.
  • Provide constructive feedback to support growth and success.
  • Increase leadership and career development skills of CREW Network leaders and members.

Members: Ready to engage a mentor but not sure how to structure the relationship for maximum impact? Interested in starting a mentor program in your chapter? To request access to the mentoring modules, please email Heidi Warren.

CREW Network Mentor Modules are funded in part by the CREW Network Foundation. Make a tax-deductible gift to our Career Outreach efforts.

CREW Network and CREW Network Foundation gratefully acknowledge the Opus Foundation and the James E Gibbons Educational Development Trust Fund for their generous financial support of the CREW Network mentoring modules. Without the support of these dedicated and forward-thinking organizations, this effort would not have been possible.