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Mega Session

How to Create a Culture of Belonging While Leading Below the Surface

Date SEPT. 22, 2022
Time 3:45 – 5 PM (CDT)
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What does a culture of belonging look like? How do you create one through leading below the surface?

In this mega session, you will learn answers to those questions and more, including:

  • Why questioning traditional leadership archetypes is essential to creating belonging at work
  • The definition of belonging and why it is the most important leadership skill in 2022
  • Common mishaps when building a culture of belonging
  • The three prongs of below the surface leadership (REAL leadership, empathy, and psychological safety) and how to incorporate them to create cultures of belonging

Speaker: LaTonya Wilkins

LaTonya Wilkins

Founder of The Change Coaches and author of Leading Below the Surface: How to Build Real (and Psychologically Safe) Relationships with People Who Are Different from You, LaTonya Wilkins specializes in coaching executives on leading “below the surface” to build psychologically safe relationships with their teams across differences. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and has inspired audiences all over the world. Through highly customized coaching, culture academies, and human-centered design services, she and her team work with executives, middle managers, and teams to create cultures of belonging, motivating environments, and amplify the “only ones” at work so they feel more valued, heard, and engaged at work.

Wilkins has worked with leaders at many well-known companies including Google, GE, The New York Times, and several nonprofits. She built her career working in HR, talent management, and learning & development at Fortune 500 companies before teaching and taking on progressive leadership roles at the University of Illinois’ Gies College of Business. She is currently the President of the True Star Youth Foundation board, and a member of the Advisory Board at Women of Color in the Workplace.

She has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, NPR, Well+ Good, and Inc Magazine, and gained industry recognition when she was recognized on the most inclusive HR influencer list in 2019.