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Breakout Session

Workplace Strategy

Date SEPT. 22, 2022
Time 2 – 3:15 PM (CDT)
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The pandemic has made an impact on all aspects of our lives – work and personal. Our workplaces have been upended. Now that we are returning to a more normal version of life and work, how do we ensure our workplaces help and not hinder recruiting and retention, productivity and the work life balance that the pandemic has reminded us is so important? How do employees work now and how do we provide an environment that helps employees bring their best to the workplace? How can space drive experience and growth? Do we really need all that office space?

Join a lively conversation with panelists presenting their approaches to these new questions.

Elena Cutshall, Studio Director | Workplace, Gensler

Isilay Civan, Senior Vice President - Global Workplace Design Lead, Citi
Mary Cheval, Principal, Ware Malcomb
Allison Bittel, Senior Vice President - Principal, Colliers

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