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Start a CREW Chapter Near You

Chapters connect diverse commercial real estate professionals who aim to work collaboratively

While CREW Network can facilitate discussions through the member community and offers educational opportunities at our annual convention and leadership summits, chapters can provide more frequent in-person opportunities for professionals to work together, network and learn about developments or legislature local to the region. 

CREW chapters are created and incorporated as independent organizations in their state/province. Once established as an organization, the group submits an application for affiliation to CREW Network, which is voted upon by representatives from the existing affiliated chapters.

CREW Network provides assistance to groups of individuals who are interested in investing the time and energy needed to start a CREW Network chapter. CREW Network has a library of resources available for use by at-large members to convey the proper messaging and standard policies that have proven imperative for a successful and sustainable chapter. 

Four Steps

Encourage your colleagues to become at-large members

Generating interest in CREW happens best as a grassroots effort, where energy and enthusiasm for the organization happens organically.  

  • At least three (3) at-large members are required in an area to apply as a chapter

  • Have a standing time/date/location to meet up with other members for coffee/drinks. It's a simple networking plan and a great way to invite other industry colleagues to join.

  • Be on the lookout for high-level professionals from every aspect of the commercial real estate industry. Check the list of qualified fields of commercial real estate for reference.

View the qualified fields